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How To Teach Skateboard To Your Dog

How To Teach Skateboard To Your Dog

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Everyone wants their dog to be intelligent and smart than the other pets in society. Wouldn’t you be astonished to see a dog with a skateboard cruising down the street? You can make them learn the trick to ride a skateboard and it would make your dog look smart in front of other dogs in society.

With the right guidance and a bit of patience, you can teach how to skateboard to your dog. In this article, we will share tips on how your dog can master riding a skateboard.

Dog’s age, behavior, and athletic ability


Before teaching riding skateboard to your dog, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first thing you need to figure out is whether your dog is physically fit to learn a skateboard or not.

Dog breeds like Pitbull have a very thick muscular lower back, which makes it difficult for them to stand on a skateboard. However, it doesn’t mean that dogs like Pitbulls can’t learn skateboard, you can use a wide skateboard to teach them.

Many other dogs like Pugs and Pomeranians have thin but muscular backs and knees which makes it easier for them to stand on aboard. Don’t force your dog to stand on a skateboard if they don’t like it.

Introduce them to a skateboard

Before teaching them how to ride a skateboard, make sure that your dog actually likes standing on a physical board. As per a dog trainer, you should first introduce about skateboard to your dog and let him spend some time with it. Let your dog feel comfortable playing with the skateboard before you start teaching him to ride it.

Team them to stand on a stationary board first

Your next step is to practice your dog standing on a stationary board. Place it on a carpet, grass or you can lock its wheels. Your dog might feel scared at the start but with practice, it will become confident.

As he learns to stand on it you can slowly start pushing the skateboard from behind. You can also train him with the treat reward program as well. Once your dog gets comfortable with standing on board with slow speed, you can begin increasing the speed slowly.

Teach your dog to move the skateboard

For this step, you can tie a rope to the skateboard so that you have full control over its movement and speed. But be very careful as you should never leave your dog alone on a moving skateboard.

Once your dog learns to stand with its body weight on a moving skateboard, try to slide the skateboard. Let your dog do it by himself once in a while and let him control the speed with his feet.

Precautions when teaching skateboard to your dog

  • Use an appropriate skateboard size so that your dog can comfortably stand on a skateboard with its four paws. It is best to use at least a 10.5-inch wide skateboard.
  • While teaching riding a skateboard to your dog, use the lobby area or lawn of your house. Don’t teach them at a public place or on the street.
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