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Thursday , July 2 2020
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How to Remove Tartar From Your Dog's Mouth

How to Remove Tartar From Your Dog’s Mouth

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Removing tartar from your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be a big task. If you develop a persistent and regular oral health routine with your dog, you can keep it under control and their mouth healthy.

What is Tartar?

Tartar is the build up on teeth. Plaque builds up on teeth soon after your dog eats and then hardens when it mixes with the minerals in the dog’s saliva. When this happens, it becomes tartar. It can stink, change color, and even cause serious health problems for your dog if it is not removed.

If tartar isn’t removed, what could happen?

Bad breath: This is one of the first signs of problems in your dog’s mouth, don’t ignore it!

Discolored teeth and gums: Brown and dark colored crusty gums can also be another early sign of problems with your dogs oral care.

Gingivitis: This happens when we allow plaque and tartar to build up it irritates and inflames the gums.

Periodontal disease: This gum disease comes from the build up of plaque on the teeth that irritates the gums around it, and eventually causes infection and enters the bloodstream.

Serious illness: Tartar build up can cause bacteria, and bacteria can get into the bloodstream, this could seriously harm your pet.

Pain: Animals do not react to pain the same way we do, we must be more observant and catch the early signs, to avoid our pet having serious trouble.

Loss of teeth: When we ignore the early signs and tartar begins to break down the gums and bone around the teeth, your pet can lose teeth in their regular chewing activities.

How to remove Tartar

There are things you can do to remove tartar, and also things to do to prevent build up. Here are some simple steps:

1. Brush your dog’s teeth daily

Be sure to have the right toothpaste & toothbrush suited to your dog’s size and needs, and be gentle and slow while training your dog to allow you to brush his teeth. Be sure to check your dog’s gums for tenderness, bleeding and any other signs of an unhealthy mouth.

2. Get regular professional oral exams done for your pet

Your vet will help you make sure you are getting all of the tartar, as well as knowledge of your dog’s oral health. If your pet needs it, you can also get regular cleanings done as well, as some dogs are predisposed to more tartar build-up. Ensure to get your dog’s teeth cleaned on semi-annually basis.

3. Feed your dog healthy kibble

A healthy hard dog food can help scrape the plaque off your dog’s teeth. Additionally, a raw high-quality food diet helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

4. Give your dog toys and bones that promote healthy teeth

Much like a good dog food, real raw bones, antlers, and some toys can help remove plaque build up on their teeth before it hardens.

Here are a few of the food products recommended by professionals, with the Veterinary Oral Health’s ‘Seal of Acceptance’ to reduce tartar and keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Products with the VOHC seal are regularly updated and you can find the full list at

– Bright Bites and Checkup Chews

– Canine Greenies

– Del Monte Tartar Check Dog Biscuit

– Vetradent Dog Chews

– Prescription Diet Canine

Adapt your dog’s diet to contribute to keeping their mouth happy, and follow these simple steps to create a routine with your pet to keep tartar away. Your dog’s oral health is an integral part of their overall health and happiness.


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