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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Dog On Your Wedding Day

How To Include Your Dog On Your Wedding Day?

Guest post!

Who wouldn’t want to involve their real best friend, their cuddly little ball of fun on their wedding day? After all, the dog is going to be part of your new family too.

You want to do it in a way that has the most impact. You want the occasion to be cute and endearing, one that will make your dog a part of your wedding memories forever.

But before you pick a role for them, take a second and think about their personality. Will they be okay if required to stand still for a while? Is it good at carrying out instructions? Do they get a little over-exuberant and hard to manage at times?

In any case, here are a few ways you can involve your dog in the fun times during your wedding.

1. Ring Bearer

The oldest trick in the book is to have your dog be the ring bearer for your wedding. You can attach the ring box to its collar and train it to come to you.

You could also place the ring on a stylish cushion placed on its back for a more elegant look. There are quite a few ways you can do this. It all depends on what you can trust your dog to do.

2. Sign Bearer

Another great way to use your dog’s cuteness and crank up the ‘awww’ factor is to have it be a sign bearer. Picture this – right before you make an entrance, your dig walks in with a sign “the bride is coming”. Or after the wedding ceremony, your dog walks in with the sign “my family is complete”.

You can get creative in how you use your dog as a sign bearer. If you have an outdoor wedding with complicated directions, you may even use her to hold a sign with directions to the wedding area.

3. Flower Bearer

Having young flower girls sprinkle flowers over you as you make your way to the podium is one of the best parts of a wedding. Why not have your dog be a flower bearer too.

Sprinkling petals may be a step too far, but she can join in the carrying part. Make sure you don’t make your dog carry any flowers that could be harmful to her if she decides to take a bite.

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4. Being the Bouquet

Brides like to carry a basket of flowers or a bouquet while walking down the aisle. This is so old-fashioned. Why not carry your dog instead? Of course, your dog must be of the smaller variety like a Chihuahua or King Charles spaniel, something you can carry easily. But a cute dog, dressed for the occasion, one-ups a basket of flowers every time.

5. Being a Bridesmaid or Groomsmen

Your dog is your best friend, so it should be a part of your contingent of bridesmaids or groomsmen. Better yet, why not make it your maid of honor or best man.

Dress him/her for the part, and you’re set to go. Your dog standing with you in a tuxedo or bridesmaid dress, that right there is a picture-perfect moment in itself.

6. Walking You Down the Aisle

Traditionally, you’d want someone who loves you and cares for you unconditionally and wholeheartedly, someone you can trust to walk you down the aisle.

Who better than your best friend? Katie from Orla James suggests dressing up your dog for the day, put them on a leash, and let it guide you to the podium.

7. Make Their Presence Felt

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t find a suitable role for your dog for your wedding day. Well, if they can’t be there physically, they can be there in spirit. Include your dog in the cake topper.

Include its picture in your wedding favors with an appropriate caption. Make sure they are present during the photography session. Do what you can to make them a part of your wedding experience.

8. Be Prepared

Dogs are like children and can go crazy at any time. You don’t want your dog becoming overly affectionate at the wrong time, especially if she is big. Dogs also like to bite stuff, and you don’t want to end up with chewed-up linen.

Make sure you ask someone your dog knows to keep an eye on her. Make sure that this person is equipped with your dog’s favorite treats and toys to keep her occupied.

When dressing your dog up, make sure she is comfortable. Walk her through her responsibilities carefully, so that she knows what she has to do. Put in the time to make things go as smoothly as possible on the wedding day.

Guest Author Bio:

This article was written by Katie Jones. Her favorite dogs are West Highland White Terriers, loves to go walking, horse riding, and practice yoga. She also dreams of living in the countryside with lots of rescue dogs.

DISCLAIMER: DogExpress does not endorse or take responsibility for the content in the guest post.

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