How Much Do Golden Retriever Cost? The Ultimate Buyers Guide
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How Much Do Golden Retriever Cost The Ultimate Buyers' Guide

How Much Do Golden Retriever Cost? The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

The Golden Retriever originated from Scotland. They are widely bred and are therefore available throughout the world now. In earlier days, Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve game birds that used to be gunned down.

Their colors may vary from light golden to golden cream. If you want to own a golden retriever, then certain things need to be kept in mind.

The Golden Retriever dog breed is an affectionate one. Therefore, one must not keep the dog alone for a long time. And this breed probably has the biggest price variation as compared to other dog breeds.

Golden Retriever puppy price

Golden Retriever puppy price

As mentioned before, this breed has the largest variation in terms of price. Golden Retriever puppy may range from $500 – $4000. The low-cost dogs would probably be from a home breeder who does not possess the AKC documentation. Dogs with champion bloodlines may range from $2000 – $9000.

Now, this is a pretty steep price for a dog. But having said that, these breeds have the capability of winning several dog shows and giving you back ten times your investment.

There are options for people who do not want to spend so much money on a dog. Many abandoned retriever dogs are in dire need of a loving home.

You can be their angel and come forward by giving space to them in your house. An adoption may range from $350-$550, which includes vaccination and registration costs. It is a win-win situation for both the dog and the owner.

The price range for a Golden Retriever puppy in India is anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹40,000.

Feeding Costs

Golden Retrievers are large and active dogs. Hence, their diet should consist of a good amount of protein and other essential nutrients. They are the type of dogs who do not leave a morsel of food. The diet mainly depends upon gender, size, and activity level.

It usually ranges between two and a half cups to four and a half cups per day. On average, good quality dog food would cost around $2-$3 per pound.

Considering the dog’s usual routine that eating three cups per day, a thirty-pound bag would be sufficient for around forty days. That means the average cost for a little over a month would be around $55.

Now, this was only the basic food for its growth and nourishment. Now comes the part for treats. These are goodies given to them during training and other exercise sessions. When a dog gets a treat every time after fulfilling a task, it feels rewarding.

Therefore, the dog performs the following task even better. Therefore, an additional monthly expenditure of $10 should be added to the list.

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golden retriever

Vet Expenses

The Golden Retriever is a healthy breed. Therefore, this breed will not empty your pockets through regular expenses. However, certain expenses can’t be avoided.

Unless you have specific plans with your dog, for example., breeding, your dog should be neutered that costs anywhere between $250-$500 a year.

Although the Golden Retriever is considered a healthy breed, they are at risk of some diseases that should be checked periodically. Some of the diseases are fatal, though.

Below is the list of the diseases common amongst the golden retriever. The relative price is mentioned below for your better understanding.

  • Cancer: $8000 – $15000
  • Hip Dysplasia: $1500 – $6000
  • Entropion: $300 – $1500
  • Cataracts: $1500 – $5000
  • Ichthyosis: $200 – $1000

These are the common diseases that the golden retriever faces. Therefore, one should be ready with the required funds if any of these happens to your dog.

On average, vet charges for a healthy golden retriever should not be more than a couple of hundred dollars in a year.

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Golden Retriever Cute

Other Costs

In addition to the yearly vet charges, food, and goodies, a few more expenses can’t be ignored!

If you bring home a pup, then the first thing to invest is in Obedience Training. It should ideally not be an expensive and time taking affair as the golden retriever is a quick learner and one of the most trainable breeds in the world.

On average, group lessons range from $50 – $125 for four to eight weeks of one-hour sessions. It is a vital investment that you will make, as these initial sessions will mold your dog into a well-mannered one.

Then comes the cost of basic supplies like Collar, Leash, Toys, Water & Food bowls, a brush, and a bed. There are some initial investments for your furry friend, but these are much required to have the good journey called Life.

A recent survey in the United States stated that the average cost of keeping a golden retriever is around $1641 annually. It includes food, vet charges, boarding, grooming, vitamins, toys, and treats.

Golden Retriever Cute

Why should you get a Golden Retriever?

As mentioned before, the golden retriever is a cheerful and playful dog. It has a cool temper and is easy to train. It’s very gentle with babies, so parents can leave their newborns at home with the dog without being afraid. It’s for these reasons that they are always the first choice in the selection of service dogs.

They are the perfect family dog but can drive away unwanted people from their homes. Given the fact that they were originally hunting dogs, the basic trait still lies within them. Another reason they got the name Golden Retriever, apart from their Golden fur color, is that they are considered to have a heart of gold.

Their adorable faces can never be ignored, not to forget their gorgeous long locks. One may have a considerable investment for this dog, but what you will get back is completely Priceless.

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