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Saturday , May 18 2024
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How To Help Your Dog Live Longer?

Who is the first family member to greet you at the door after a hard day at work? Who is that fluffy creature that looks up to you and always seeks your company? The answer to these and many other questions is your dog.

And we want these little things to keep repeating themselves in a warm, lovable routine forever. So, let’s find out how you can help your dog live longer and maintain the same wonderful family for eternity.

Ways to Help Your Dog Live Longer

1. Intensive care

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You may lie to them that you two are just going to meet nice ladies and gents in the park, but your pooch will recognize the road and make that heart-melting sad face.

However, it is for his own sake. You should take your dog to the veterinarian twice a year. This way, the professionals will make their routine checks and make sure that your dog is in a top-notch state.

It is also good to make inquiries for nearby vets that work 24/7. You never know when an emergency can pop up, so you should cover all possibilities.

2. Healthy diet

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Like humans, dogs need the right kind of nutrients to maintain a healthy life. The big puppy eyes might convince you to make an exception and share your meal with your best friend.

However, the presence of culinary excess will lead your dog to an obese life. So, stick to the vet’s recommendation and buy him plenty of toys to make up for not sharing your human food.

Moreover, studies found that a restrictive caloric intake for your dog can prolong the life expectancy to two more years. However, don’t overdo it otherwise you can fall for the other extreme, which is malnutrition. Talk to the vet about the perfect food serving for a healthy dog.

3. Dental hygiene

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Problems can arise at the least expected moment and in the least possible places. If you don’t take care of your dog’s dental hygiene, tooth decay would be your lightest problem.

If the infection appears at the teeth level, it can expand through the whole body, and come to affect even the kidneys and heart.

So, stock up your dog kit with chew bones and toys that are specially created to strengthen their teeth and gums. Also, it is best to purchase a brush and toothpaste for dogs. Brushing your dog’s teeth twice a week will be enough to keep healthy dental hygiene.

4. Maintain a healthy coat

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The fur always speaks volumes about your dog’s health. A coat that is fragile can indicate a lack of proper diet. Your dog needs proteins and amino acids because these can be found in the composition of its fur.

Moreover, if you are not grooming your dog, the large flocks of hair will be nothing less than an open invitation for parasites. These ticks and fleas can cause harmful infections that may put the health of your dog at great risk.

Bathing is another matter of delicacy. Too few baths can result in a powerful empire of fleas while too many of them can lead to skin irritation.

So, it is recommended to visit the bathroom with your dog just once a week and use a shampoo bought from the veterinarian or local pet shop.

5. The obligatory daily walk

dog live longer

Your dog is probably a source of pure energy, so keeping him or her away from the playing field should feel like an undeserved penalty.

If you don’t have time to take your dog out three times a day and to make it longer than just two steps, then you should find the time or someone else to do it.

So, don’t rely on weekends to make up for the short walks during the week. Find time to enjoy some quality time with your pet in the adventurous realm of the outside world.

Your dog will have fewer chances to get an ugly case of depression and your stress built up can melt away just by seeing how happy your friend is.

6. Pay extra attention

You should pay extra attention to your pup as they age; things will change. So, paying attention to these changes and modifying your behavior is crucial. Sometimes, you also need to take care of your home’s layout to accommodate your aging pup.


Pup’s eyesight is likely to change, and they may struggle to navigate their everyday environment. Try to keep your furniture layout consistent and not move things around.


It is the same as when you get startled when someone approaches you from behind, and you do not notice them. You must consider the scenarios where they rely on hearing, especially for safety reasons, and modify the environment or routine.

For example, you must not leave an older pup outside unattended who may not be able to hear or see as well as they once used to. The reason is that it could lead to unfortunate accidents like heading into traffic inadvertently or falling downstairs.


You may notice your pup stand, seem to stare into corners for minutes at a time or sleep longer. They may also face trouble recognizing you or other family members who visit occasionally.

The best thing to do for cognitive decline is to try to keep your dog’s mind active, as age is essential. Take them on a ‘sniff walk’ where they can sniff as long as they want.

You can also make them use puzzle toys or let them watch ‘dog videos’ online.


It is crucial to modify your home as your dog ages. Wood floors may become slippery for older paws, so laying down inexpensive carpet runners for your dog to navigate safely is an option.

Also, investing in stairs or ramps for the smaller breeds to climb onto the couches or beds prevents falling or jumping.

It is also well worth the purchase. Additionally, consider starting the supplements to decrease inflammation and protect and lubricate the joints if you haven’t already.

7. Love

Dog live longer

Dogs are social beings and depriving you of playtime can end up in bad emotional health. Give him or her your best attention and don’t take it for granted. There are many pets out there, but yours is special due to its powerful bond.

Nourish this amazing relationship as much as you can, with care, empathy, and love. No matter how difficult and burdensome your life can get, your dog deserves the best version of yourself.

There are many stories when a dog changes someone’s way of being, which is something that another person can hardly achieve. So, enjoy each moment with your furry friend and create many memorable moments together.

All in all, your dog is that one loyal friend a person gets in a lifetime. With just some basic routine rules, you can help your dog live longer.

Guest Author Bio:
Mark Fendelman is a passionate writer who loves sharing his insights with as many readers as possible. He loves writing about anything related to animals. “My dogs and I became best friends since day 1”, says Mark. Mark Fendelman is a regular contributor at best10anything – a blog dedicated to finding the best alternative for every situation.

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