Golden Retriever's Emotional Response to Pregnant Owner
Thursday , June 20 2024
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Golden Retriever's Emotional Response to Owner's Moving Pregnant Belly Leaves TikTokers in Tears

Golden Retriever’s Emotional Response to Owner’s Moving Pregnant Belly Leaves TikTokers in Tears

A viral TikTok video captured a heartwarming moment when a dog named Winnie, a golden retriever owned by Liz Lovery, appeared to realize her owner’s pregnancy. The video, shared by Lovery, shows Winnie snuggling with Lovery, who is eight months pregnant when the baby starts kicking. In response to the movement, Winnie looks around and leans her head against Lovery’s belly. This video was posted on Tuesday, and about 1.7 million people have watched it. 

Lovery, in an interview with Insider, expressed that she was not surprised by Winnie’s reaction, as the dog is naturally intuitive and curious. She mentioned that her other dog, Teddy, who is five years old, remains oblivious to the pregnancy. Lovery was grateful to have captured these heartwarming moments on camera and appreciated Winnie’s strong connection and understanding of the situation.

As the due date approaches in August, Winnie’s behavior has changed, according to Lovery. The dog now follows her more closely from room to room. This behavior change is consistent with other accounts of dogs becoming more affectionate or protective toward their pregnant owners. While scientific research does not conclusively support dogs’ ability to detect pregnancy through scent, anecdotal reports suggest that dogs may have this ability.

Veterinary experts stated that physical and emotional changes include alterations in body shape, scent, emotions, and mood. Rebecca Greenstein, a veterinary medical advisor, noted that the significant hormonal changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy might contribute to the dogs’ ability to pick up on scent differences. However, no definitive study demonstrates dogs’ ability to detect hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

Rachel Barrack, a doctor of veterinary medicine, emphasized that while dogs may not understand the reason for the changes, they are perceptive and can sense physical and emotional transformations in their owners. These changes extend beyond scent to include alterations in the owner’s body, behavior, and mood. Dogs, being intelligent animals, can adapt to and respond to these changes during pregnancy.

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