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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Golden Retriever Care: A Sensible Owner’s Guide to Grooming

Golden retrievers are among the most famous dogs in the world. It is the second most searched breed worldwide and the ultimate favourite choice in 22 countries.

If you want this canine breed as a lifelong companion, you must be ready for everything that entails – not only for what this dog has to offer but also what it needs, including pet grooming in Dubai.

Here, you’ll learn essential information that could help finalise your decision to bring home a golden retriever and some useful tips for grooming them.

Understanding Goldens: A Briefer About the Breed

If you haven’t already, research as much as possible about the dog breed you want to get, particularly how to groom them. This way, you are sure to dive into pet ownership well-informed and fully prepared for what lies ahead.

You can tap into many resources, from veterinarians to the best pet shop in Dubai. Reading articles like this one also helps.

Ready to learn the basics about goldens? Here are the most crucial facts you need to know:


Most golden retrievers are categorised as medium to large size dogs, but there are also miniature crossbreeds that are much smaller.

An average purebred male golden can reach about 58 to 61 centimetres in shoulder height, while females go around 54 to 57 centimetres. On the other hand, miniature goldens grow up to about 51 centimetres only, depending on the breed of their non-golden parent (which can be a cocker spaniel or poodle).

A purebred can weigh 28 to 34 kilograms, while miniatures only go between 10 and 23 kilograms.


Golden retrievers – pure and miniature – sport a striking coat that makes you want to bring them home. But since it has a medium-length double coat, this type of canine pet requires regular brushing and can be prone to shedding.

Its topcoat repels water and is quite dense. But what goes through seasonal shedding is the dog’s undercoat.

Animals with a double coat experience something called “blowing the coat,” which describes how the undercoat becomes thicker during the cold season and sheds in warm weather (which is a constant in the United Arab Emirates).

Goldens also have longer fur in some areas of their bodies. This so-called “feathering” usually grows on their neck, underbody, tail, and the back of their legs.

What do I need to know about owning golden retriever puppies

6 Best Tips and Tricks for Grooming a Golden Retriever

You don’t need to call your pet groomer whenever your dog needs bathing, brushing, or hair and nail trimming. Doing it yourself occasionally helps you:

  • Save on grooming costs.
  • Get the opportunity to check up on your pet’s skin and body for red flags, like lumps or hot spots.
  • Bond with your pup.

But to maximise these benefits, you must first learn six tips and tricks for grooming a golden retriever:

1. Start grooming as early as possible.

Like everything related to children and puppies, it’s best to groom your golden as early as possible. This will help them establish good grooming habits as they become full-grown adult dogs.

Some groomers also don’t accept puppies until they’re at a certain age, mostly because of the shots they’re supposed to get later. That means you’ll have no choice but to do the task yourself.

Of course, grooming a puppy that hasn’t grown into golden fur is much easier.

2. Don’t skip brushing your dog’s teeth.

Don’t believe advertisements saying dental sticks and dry kibble are enough to maintain your pet’s dental health. You still need to brush your golden retriever’s teeth to protect them from cavities, mouth abscesses, and other conditions that may require dental surgeries.

The first step is to equip yourself with enough patience for the task and the right tools: canine toothpaste and a toothbrush specifically made for dogs.

3. Brush your pet’s fur before bathing.

Before bathing, brush your pet’s fur to eliminate tangles. This will make bath time much faster and easier. It also speeds up the drying process for your pup, not to mention preventing mats and snarls.

Here are some steps you can follow for pre-bath fur brushing:

  • Break up the matts on your pet’s fur using a mixed boar and plastic bristle brush.
  • Using a dematting comb, take care of any stubborn matts you may find on your dog’s fur.
  • Run a slicker brush over the area if you see any loose hairs.
  • Do some follow-up brushing using a comb and pin brush.

golden retriever

4. Use proper bathing tools.

Make bathing your golden retriever much easier by having the right tools for the job. Check out what your pet groomer uses and observe how these make bath time safer and easier.

Some of the essential dog bathing tools you need are:

  • Non-slip mat: prevents slipping in the bathtub.
  • Hand-held spray nozzle: supports targeted rinsing and gives you better control of where the water goes.
  • Suction cup tether: keeps reluctant dogs in place during bath time.
  • Hair trap: protects your pipes from blockage due to fur.

When bathing your pet, gently spray them with warm water to help ease them into the experience.

If you started grooming your golden young, they should be more than willing to have a bath. But if they are reluctant, motivate your pet with positive reinforcement using high-value treats for good behaviour.

5. Learn some cornstarch hacks.

Besides serving as a thickening agent for your pie filling, cornstarch or cornflour is also quite useful in dog grooming.

Try one or more of these cornstarch hacks to make grooming your pet easier:

  • Loosens tangles: A sprinkle of cornstarch over tangles and mats on your pet’s fur help loosen the knots before brushing, making the task easier to complete.
  • Doubles as dry shampoo: Spread over oily areas to help remove grease in between baths.

6. Trim your pet’s nails properly.

Using pet nail trimmers, cut off the overgrown tips of your golden retriever’s claws. Then, sand off the rough surface and shape their nails using the sandpaper drum on your rotary tool.

Start with a low rpm (rotations per minute) to ease your pet into the sound and sensation before gradually increasing speed.

And always watch your dog’s reactions. If they seem distressed, take a break before going at it again. If it’s too challenging, leave the task to the pros.

Be a Golden Fur Parent

Adopting a golden retriever is a significant decision you should only make after understanding everything it entails. Go through the grooming tips and research this particular breed before deciding whether you’re ready to be a Golden fur parent.

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