Fundraising Efforts by North Side Rescue Aim to Reunite
Thursday , May 30 2024
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Famous Fido
Famous Fido, 3124 W. Irving Park Rd., is raising money to help this pitbull named Prince reunite with his owner. Credit: Provided/Famous Fido

Fundraising Efforts by North Side Rescue Aim to Reunite Homeless Teen with Cherished Canine Companion

An animal rescue organization in Irving Park is seeking financial support to assist an anonymous 18-year-old girl in secure housing so she can keep her beloved pitbull, Prince. The teenager, who is facing homelessness and wishes to stay anonymous for safety reasons, contacted Famous Fido at 3124 W. Irving Park Road about a month ago, expressing her difficulty in providing a stable living environment for Prince.

The young girl shared Prince’s profound impact on her life, noting that the dog brought joy during a severe depression. Despite her efforts, circumstances forced her to consider giving up Prince. Gloria Lissner, the founder of Famous Fido, stepped in to temporarily care for Prince with the commitment to helping the teenager find affordable housing and raising funds for their eventual reunion.

Lissner expressed concern for the girl, emphasizing the emotional bond between her and Prince. The teenager’s situation is especially challenging as she navigates life without a high school diploma while facing the daunting prospect of homelessness.

To support the teenager and her dog, individuals can contribute by calling Famous Fido at 773-907-0305 and specifying their donation for Prince and his owner. Lissner aims to raise approximately $2,500 for the pair.

Two years ago, the 18-year-old received Prince as a birthday gift from her mom’s friend, who could no longer care for the dog. The duo quickly formed a strong bond, with Prince remaining a constant source of support when the teenager’s family lost their home.

Famous Fido receives daily calls from people seeking to surrender their pets due to crises and strives to find alternative solutions to keep animals with their owners. The number of such calls has increased over the past five years due to financial challenges, prompting Lissner to offer assistance through fundraising or direct financial support.

The organization has a history of helping dog owners facing hardships, exemplified by the case of Henry Koral, who, along with his pit bulls, faced homelessness after a devastating fire. Lissner rallied support, raising $15,000 to secure affordable housing for Koral and his dogs.

Lissner stressed the challenges faced by pets in overcrowded shelters, where some spend years awaiting adoption, and the behavioral issues that often arise when pets are separated from their owners. Famous Fido’s commitment to animal welfare is underscored by Lissner’s 50-year history of rescuing animals.

Maintaining the well-being of the pets at Famous Fido costs more than $ 40,000 per month. The organization welcomes online donations and is organizing a “howliday” bazaar and bake sale on December 9. Additionally, tickets for the annual gala on January 20 at Loyola University can be purchased online. The event will feature food, drinks, and speeches from animal advocates.

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