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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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Eight Different Types of Golden Retrievers (With Pictures)

8 Different Types of Golden Retrievers (With Pictures)

Talking about golden retriever, most people identify with just one popular breed- ‘Golden Retriever.’ However there are eight different types of golden retrievers, but they are all of one breed. Hence their behavioral traits are the same. These dogs all are well-loved and make great family dogs.

A gentle and loyal canine breed, retrievers are affectionate, friendly, and gentle around kids. This dog breed is found in 3 different colors- dark golden, only golden, and lightly golden.

Let us delve deeper into more facts about golden retriever and their distinct types.

History of golden retriever:

Golden retrievers, one of America’s favorite dogs, were originally bred for retrieving shot-down birds from land and water. They are the 4th most popular breed in the United States. Retrievers are celebrity pets.

Many celebrities like Oprah, Emma Stone, and Jimmy Fallon own retrievers. Moreover, two American Presidents happened to have owned golden retrievers.

Characteristic traits of golden retrievers:

  • They are known for their energy as they were bred to hunt throughout the day.
  • They make great working dogs.
  • They are athletic. Bred to swim in lakes and rivers and run through fields.
  • They are mouthy and bred to hold lost birds in their mouths.
  • They are charming and cute and easy to train as well.
  • They have tremendous tracking abilities.
  • They also have a strong sense of smell that makes them perfect rescue and search dogs. Undoubtedly, these dogs are a part of several rescue operations.

8 types of golden retrievers:

Even though there are eight different types of golden retrievers, you may not have to get confused about which one would be the right choice for you and your family. You may choose one of them as they are equally adorable and social.

1. Field-bred golden retriever: 

Field-bred golden retriever

Field-bred golden retrievers are the most reminiscent of the original Goldens bred back in the 1800s in Scotland. This retriever breed is identified as highly motivated working dogs that enjoy sporting activities, especially hunting.

These dogs possess immense energy and are typically driven compared to other retrievers. Hence, field-bred golden retrievers make great family pets and can be easily trained to do different jobs.

2. Show golden retriever:

Show golden retriever

Show golden retrievers are known for their friendly and well-natured characteristic traits. These dogs are the most expensive and bred to meet specific breed standards.

They are perfect for those pet owners who wish to exhibit their dogs in competitive dog shows. A show golden is a big-boned, blocky head dog. It is thick, stocky, and has long and full coats.

Show golden retrievers have evolved over the years and have the same characteristics as other types of Goldens.

3. Red golden retriever:

Red golden retriever

The red golden retriever known as the “Dark Red Golden Retriever” is officially classified as Mahogany Red. Researchers believe that crossbreeding leads to this deep mahogany red hue. These dogs were bred in Ireland. A red golden seems to have similar physical features to Irish Setter.

The color red can vary from one dog to another. Their playful appearance makes them stand out from the crowd. These dogs are usually small and a little mouthier than the other styles of retrievers.

However, you may find some big red golden retrievers with blocky heads and long coats. Red golden retrievers are athletic and driven. Their lush coat makes them look strikingly gorgeous to look at.

4. English cream golden retriever:

English cream golden retriever:
Image Source: Pixaway by Kraken007

An English cream golden retriever is a perfect consideration if you want a unique dog breed. These dogs are rare and increasingly becoming popular as a designer dog breed. Smart, intelligent, and easy to train, English cream golden retriever gets their name from the white color of their thick coats.

Their stunning appearance and great personality make them confident and less fearful. Even though their pedigree and upbringing primarily determine their personality, some say these goldens are rarer with a better temperament.

5. American golden retriever

American golden retriever

The American golden retriever is considered the general standard of the breed. These dogs have a rich gold coat, and the shades of the gold vary.

Loyal, friendly, and well-loved by everyone, the breed is more intelligent and energetic than other breed variations and is always eager to please everyone. They are the ideal pet for couples who enjoy outdoor activities and can spend a lot of time with them.

6. Canadian golden retriever

Canadian golden retriever

A few distinctive traits of Canadian golden retrievers make them a little different from other golden retriever varieties. Their physical appearances, cultivated through years of breeding, distinguish them from other styles of retrievers.

They are leaner and taller, with thin coats and dark colors. The loyalty and affection of Canadian golden retrievers are unbeatable.

7. Mini golden retriever

Mini golden retriever

The mini or miniature golden retriever is one of the popular designer breeds taking the canine world by storm. They are the cross mix of different dogs, like a golden retriever and a poodle or a golden retriever and a Goldendoodle.

The idea is to create puppies with the same wonderful characters and temperaments as any normal golden, yet smaller size. Mini golden retrievers are known as Petite golden retrievers or Comfort golden retrievers.

8. Black golden retriever:

Black golden retriever

The Black golden retriever is one of the traditional golden retriever dogs. They have the same intelligence and friendly nature as the other Golden ones, along with the glamorous black color.

These dogs are black because of their genetic diversity factor, which was added to their blood during the breed development process. Black golden retrievers are easy to train as they have a relaxed nature and are sure to stick by and love you and your family.

Wrapping up!

American Golden, English Golden, and Canadian Golden-all golden are sweet and can be a great companion for the family.

Undoubtedly, the golden retriever breed is well-loved worldwide for its divine beauty, intelligence, and friendliness. They make the perfect family dog and give you every reason to smile and love amidst a busy life.

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