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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Dog Owners Can Be Fined ₹10,000 For Violating Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation’s Norms

Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar (BMC), stated pet dog owners in the city should keep their pets under control, or they may be fined up to ₹10,000 for violating stringent guidelines.

If provisions of draft guidelines are to be believed, the Corporation will not let dog breeding for commercial and trading purposes within the BMC jurisdiction’s area. The owner would ensure the pet to not defecate in public places.

The BMC has issued Municipal Corporation (Registration and Proper Control of Dogs) By-Laws 2023, which will be placed for discussion in the next corporation meeting. The civic body formulated the guideline after the case of an eight-year-old boy mauled brutally by a dog in November 2022 in Tapaswini Colony. The boy had multiple wounds and got 10 stitches and painful injections.

The new guidelines cover pet owners to own up to the responsibility of their pets and have a well-defined registration process, and not let their pets roam freely.

“The breeding of dogs for commercial purposes and trading of dogs within the area of BMC will not be permitted. In case it is found that a dog is being kept for breeding or trading or commercial purposes by a person, the registration authority will impound such a dog besides imposing the fine as fixed by BMC Commissioner,” the draft guideline states.

“The owner of the dog shall not allow the dog to defecate in public places such as residential areas, green belts, parks, streets, roads, road berms, and other common places. In case the dog defecates, the owner shall arrange to get the excreta of the dog removed from the said place at his own level,” it mentions.

The dog owner will take his dog to defecate in isolated areas where residents and the common public do not visit and not allow the dog to defecate around the other’s residences.

Further instructions contain that all ferocious dogs would have to be muzzled duly, and the escort should have a stick while taking it out. Dogs should be chained or leashed outside the home premises. In the case of any harm caused by the dog, the pet owner would have to compensate for it.

“If the owner fails to comply with the order of the registering authority and fails to keep his dangerous dog in proper control, then the Registering Authority may, in consultation with the veterinary department and local animal welfare organization, may order for taking to custody and subsequent action as per Dog Rule,” states the draft guideline.

A dog owner who violates by-laws would be punished by a registration authority with a fine of up to ₹10,000, and if the violation is perpetual, then an additional fine of up to ₹200 per day for a maximum of 7 days for the continuation of the breach will be levied.

If the dog is captured or detained under these by-laws, the owner would have to pay ₹200 per day as maintenance charges to claim the dog. The draft by-laws have conditions for auctioning dogs that will be seized if the owner remains to violate conditions.

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