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Dog Died After Being Buried Alive in Londonderry
A local vet rescue says the dog's name was Luna and she was approximately four years old

Dog Died After Being Buried Alive in Londonderry

A dog that suffered severe injuries after being partially buried alive has died.

On Wednesday, in Londonderry’s Ballyarnett Country Park, a dog was found.

The police demanded information about two men they had noticed in the area at the moment.

According to a Derry dog charity, the dog died as a result of brain damage, collapsed lungs, and broken ribs.

It was the worst case of animal cruelty she had ever seen, Vivian Kelly, of the Pet FBI, said.

Ms. Kelly stated that the dog, who was an American bulldog named Luna, was found by a local individual and brought to a vet, who determined its injuries were too severe.

Later, the dog “peacefully passed away in the arms of a volunteer”, Ms. Kelly stated.

“The entire team here is just devastated—completely devastated and still shaken up by the whole thing.”

She described the whole case as “soul-destroying” and asked how anyone “could inflict such cruelty on a defenseless animal”.

The PSNI, Police Service of Northern Ireland, said it was conscious of the “level of concern and anger in relation to this absolutely sickening and shocking act”.

Ballyarnett neighborhood Insp Ryan Robb stated officers had been to the country park and investigated the location where the dog was found.

The police have also been checking CCTV, speaking to residents, and conducting inquiries in the area.

The PSNI insisted anyone who may have been in the park and witnessed the incident, or anyone who knows the responsible, contact them.

They also appealed for information about the two men witnessed at the park.

One of them was wearing a distinctive camouflage hooded top with the hood pulled up and the other was defined as a slim build with black hair and a dark blue tracksuit.

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