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Delhi Dog Lovers Dress Up Stray Dogs In Sweaters For Winters

More often than not Delhi has been in news for stray dog cruelty and stuff. This time we have chosen to show the better side of Delhi.

NGOs and dog lovers in Delhi have come forward to dress up their neighborhood stray dogs in woolens to help them battle the cold winters of the north. In fact, this isn’t the first time Delhi-ites have come forward to help the stray dogs, they have been doing it for several years.

During the middle of December the temperature drops pretty low in the northern parts of India. The days are shorter and the nights are longer as well as colder. As we humans cozy up at our homes under our warm blankets, shawls and sweaters; stray dogs have a hard time. But the Delhi dogs have it good!

Dog lovers and NGOs such as House of Stray Animals have taken it upon themselves to help the stray dogs in Delhi to stay warm during winters. They have organized many donation campaigns for collecting woolen blankets, sweaters and even beds for their stray furry friends.

Check out these cute doggies with their winter wear:

Did you donate or dress up your neighborhood dogs with winter wear? Share your stories with pictures and we will publish them on our Facebook page.

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