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Dating a Dog Lover? This Is What You Need To Know

Since time immemorial, dogs have become man’s best friend. A dog will love you unconditionally regardless of your gender, looks, past, behavior, financial status, or personality.

As a dog lover, you can stay rest assured that you have someone to count on for friendship regardless of what you are going through in life.

Well, the love dog lovers have for their four-legged kin is immeasurable. Sometimes, it is unexplainable, and you might not understand the affection that develops if you aren’t a dog person. In case you are dating a dog lover, you might be wondering why this animal receives more attention than you do. Where does this adoration for the pooch come from?

If your partner is a dog lover or fate might push you to date one along the way, this article is for you. Below are some things that you need to keep in mind:

A dog is a family

For any dog lover, a dog is not just a four-legged creature that should be dismissed like other animals out there. No, a dog is a family. Therefore, it needs to be given the best. No matter the situation, a dog lover will always want the best for the pooch.

Therefore, to ensure that your relationship doesn’t end abruptly, don’t call your lover’s dog “that animal” or “just a dog,” a dog person will undoubtedly take offense. Be humble. Even if you don’t like it, try to change your attitude for the sake of your relationship. This is a rule of thumb you should observe at all times!

The voice will change when talking to a dog

Ever found yourself changing your voice when speaking to a baby? Did you plan the voice change? Probably not!

This is what happens to a dog lover. When speaking to the animal, the voice will practically change. In fact, dog people treat dogs better than cute babies, and they will say anything to the canine (to the extent of creating unimaginable words and sentences), and they will not care about what others say, or think as long as the pet’s tail is wagging in happiness.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find your partner doing this!

Dog lovers are loyal

Research has shown that dogs are the most loyal animals on earth. The same applies to dog lovers. A dog person will adopt or get a dog because he/she believes that it is an animal that requires lots of love and care.

If you fall in love with a canine lover, be sure that he/she will never trade the canine for anything or anyone. Needless to say, the pet will never be traded for you either. So you need to show some love for the pet even if you don’t like it!

Dog lovers are ready for a long-term commitment

When you find your love with a puppy or a number of them, it tells you that he/she is prepared for a long-term commitment. Therefore, you will need to blend in and love the animal(s), or else things might go south.

Things will sometimes get unusual

Sometimes, dog lovers find themselves immersed in their weirdest moments. They will sing irrelevant songs and say things that they would not dare say in normal circumstances – all to cheer up the pooch!

In case you are dating such a person and tolerating all the ‘nonsense’ that happens during these unusual times, you are a keeper who deserves an award!

If you have started dating and you see this as ‘childish,’ you better join the dance other than dismissing it if you know what is good for your relationship. This is not a threat; it’s real! Dog lovers will do anything for their dogs.

You are expected to love the dog unconditionally

If you are not a dog person who has started dating a dog lover, keep in mind that you have no option but to love the animal as much as your partner does. No argument about that. You have to either love it or love it!

Dog lovers are nurturers

Well, if you are dating a dog lover, you are doubtlessly one of the luckiest people walking the earth.

Imagine this: a dog lover will take a dog to poop, clean the poop, walk the canine almost on a daily basis, and take it to the vet for a regular check-up. While he/she might not do the same for you, he/she will doubtlessly be the best caregiver for you. Believe it or not, research has proven that dog lovers are the best in relationships!

Instead of dismissing your partner because of being a dog lover, why don’t you help with taking care of the canine? At times, surprise your partner with quality dog trimming tools from reputable online markets such as You will get tons of love in return.

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