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Thursday , June 13 2024
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Second Chance Adoption Centre

CUPA Opens A New Shelter For Rescued And Abandoned Dogs

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) members inaugurated the new “Second Chance Adoption Centre” in Sarjapur, Bangalore last week.

One of the member of CUPA says,

“The much smaller centre that we had earlier was riddled with problems, like space constraints and frequent flooding during the rains. After facing its own set of challenges, the new centre at Sarjapur, spread over an acre, is now up and running. It has fresh air, wide open spaces, crisp blue skies and nearly 80 happy dogs that are waiting eagerly for their forever homes.”

Diksha Kamat, one of the trustees of CUPA, says,

“The land that we have is over two acres. We are using around 1.2 acre for the kennels, while the rest of the space will be reserved for animal activities. We also plan on having a swimming pool here as well as other facilities, which will allow the space to be utilized for pet and kids’ birthday parties too.”

Abandoned dog

The new space will be used mainly for rehabilitating rescued and abandoned dogs.

“We have our main trauma care centre and other work going on in Hebbal. The space in Sarjapur will be used to keep rescued dogs. There are many expensive breeds too, so we want to ensure only those that are vaccinated and sterilized find a place in this shelter,” says Diksha.

The shelter will keep dogs until they are 8-years-old and once older, they will be shifted to the geriatric care unit near the international airport.

The new centre hopes to encourage more people to come and adopt rescued and abandoned animals.

Second Chance Adoption Centre

Reference: The Times Of India

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