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Traveling Dog

Chapati: The Traveling Dog

Here comes a true story of a stray puppy named Chapati, who was adopted by a Ukrainian couple traveling through Asia.

Kristina Masalova and Eugene Peterus, quit their jobs to explore new places. They want to explore as many Asian countries as they could manage. They found Chapati on the third day of their long journey.

When they found Chapati, she was crying and all alone on a crossroad in Fort Kochi. They picked her up and inspected her condition. They wanted to take her to a hospital but there weren’t any pet hospitals open at night. So, they started taking care of the dog themselves. They removed tons of fleas and ticks, parasites from her body. They fed her nutritious food to make her strong and help her get better quickly.

As she began to get better, they named her Chapati. They come up with the name as she was very thin and had a similar tan color. As soon as they named her, they wanted to adopt her.

The couple decided to take Chapati on their incredible journey. They even opened an Instagram account on her name ‘Traveling Chapati’.  This account has over 6000 followers now. Their main goal behind creating a social account for Chapati was to make Indians aware that street dogs can also be great pet dogs or even better than purebred dogs.

They believe that their experience could change some people’s attitude and could inspire many to adopt stray dogs in India. They want people to know that Indian Pariah dogs are great companions.

They chronicle all the good moments with Chapati and share on social media for people to see. Here are some amazing Chapati moments:


traveling with dog

Chapati night train from Mumbai to Jodhpur

Travelling Chapati,

Mayadevi Temple

Chapati journey

River Bias Manali

The Traveling Dog


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Source: NDTV

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