Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali
Thursday , May 30 2024
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Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali

Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali

Diwali is one of the famous festivals in India, also known as the festival of lights. It is a joyous day for everyone. It is filled with sweets, lights, and games. It is an exciting day to spend with your loved ones. But during this festival, there is one member of your family that needs extra safety and care, i.e., your pet.

Even a joyful event like Diwali could turn out to be harmful to your cats and dogs if you ignore safety precautions for them.

Meaning of pet-friendly Diwali

Pet-friendly Diwali can be a true celebration. Keep in mind the environment around your sweetest family member. You must be considerate towards dogs, cats, and other animals who can’t voice out their worries.

With extra precautions and safety measures for a pet-safe Diwali, your entire family and your four-legged furball can celebrate the happy occasion.

Apart from keeping the environment clean, the Green and Safe Diwali celebration will also safeguard your cat and dog from serious health concerns like:

Heart attacks (based on the health and breed history)


Acute kidney failure

Abdominal pain

Bloody diarrhea

Why celebrate a Pet-Friendly Diwali?

Pets are sensitive to flashing lights and loud noises. Some pets even end up with mental distress and health issues because of the commotion caused by the Diwali celebration that includes fireworks and other pet-toxic substances.

The mess and pollution caused by bursting the fireworks are harmful to the environment. At times, it can also be ingested by innocent stray animals, leading to death.

Best ways to celebrate a Pet-friendly Diwali

From a happy pet to a clean environment, celebrating a pet-safe green Diwali has many benefits. Here are a few tips you could follow as a pet parent to enjoy a pet-safe Diwali are:

Keep pets away from the fireworks

Fireworks are flashy, loud, and are made of substances toxic to animals. Your cat or dog gets easily anxious and overwhelmed because of the bright lights and noise that fireworks make. So as a pet parent, you can chuck the fireworks to the side and try your best to opt for a cracker/firework-free Diwali.

Eco-friendly décor or lights

If you go for a firework-free Diwali, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the “Festival of Lights’ to the fullest. Earthen Diyas and lamps are an eco-friendly option that is great for both the environment and pets. You use the pet-safe option to decorate your house on Diwali. However, make sure to place the earthen lamp at a safer distance from your cat or dog. There is a possibility your excited little pooch may try to reach it.

Keep your dogs away from sweet

Festive season fills your home with sweets, and your pet is probably running towards you asking for a treat. You must not feed your dog any sweets. The reason is that Indian sweets have ingredients that may cause allergies to dogs, and in a few cases, they may even be toxic to your pet.

Chemical-free and organic rangoli

Rangoli colors have chemicals that are harmful to not even the environment but also pets if ingested. It would be best to go out for an organic option made of leaves, rice flour, natural dyes, or even petals.

Keep dogs safe

Pets tend to run away from the jarring noise. They get overwhelmed and anxious and look for the easiest way to break out from the place. So, as a precaution, it is best for pet parents to keep the windows and doors locked once the firework begins outside your home.

Get the First Aid for pets

You must have an emergency kit at hand, with all the essentials needed for your pet. The reason is that in case of any unforeseen situations, you have the right tools ready to give your pet immediate assistance and care. You can even check with the Veterinarian before Diwali, to know about the essentials and get the kit ready.

Dispose of the waste

You must make sure to discard the waste left from decorations, fireworks, etc., after the celebration. You can try to dispose of them in a safe place away from the reach of your pet, as they can be fatal if your cat or dog inhales them.

Make homemade Diwali treats

Prepare some easy homemade treats for your puppy. It is better even if you have some of their favorite treat brands at hand on Diwali. You can give them these treats when they eye at your food. Otherwise, you can also use them to reward or calm your pet for their behavior.

Play with your pet

You must include your pet in the festivities, especially with your family gathered at home. The most excited member would probably be your dog. You can try to play with your pet as they will be thrilled to have playtime with you and your family members. Playing with them once the firework starts can also help to ease them out.

Let your pooch reach the way they want

If your pups get overwhelmed by the noise outside, try not to force or punish them to stay calm. As pet parents, you must understand their unusual or aggressive behavior in cases of commotion outside your home. You must let them adjust to the situation at their own pace.

During the festivities, you must be mindful of the other animals as well. You can go pet-friendly/green, and it is not just good for your pets. It is also a great option for your long-term health.

Helpline contact and numbers for emergency

You can contact the Animal Welfare Board of India, in case, you need help. Here’ the link to the website – http://www.awbi.in/.

If you need a list of state-wise helpline numbers in India, you can check it out here.

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