Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Information Picture
Wednesday , June 19 2024
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Information with Picture

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels share deep connections with British history, as evident from the name. These dogs represent the best of both worlds. They have the gentle attention you get from a toy breed and the athleticism and vivacity of Spaniels, who are so sportive!

They are all over beautiful, have an even temper, and possess a regal grace. Thus, they are nobility in the kingdom of dogs. As a breed of toy Spaniels, they are no longer than 13 inches in height, but their cute face draws you in.

The hallmarks of the breed are their large and round eyes accompanied by a sweet, melting, and gentle expression. Yet another characteristic trait of this dog breed is the silky and richly colored coat of its members.

What do you need to know about King Charles Cavalier Spaniel’s health?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers tend to be prone to several health issues. It includes several eye issues, such as cataracts and retinal problems. Apart from that, they tend to suffer from the following health issues:

  • patella luxation
  • hip dysplasia
  • middle ear infections
  • mitral valve heart disease
  • a neurological condition known as syringomyelia

You can get your Cavalier screened for all these conditions. Most of these dogs live comfortably till their old age. You should always talk about any potential health issues they may have with their breeder. If the breeder is responsible, they get their health checked beforehand.

Most responsible breeders ensure that their likely breeding stock gets tested before the adoption starts. It would be best if you got them some ophthalmic and cardiac evaluation.

What do you need to know about grooming King Charles Cavalier Spaniels?

Cavaliers have a silky and lustrous coat. Hence, it needs a bit more than an occasional bath and regular brushing so that they are in a beautiful condition. Brushing helps keep the body coat looking shiny and free of tangles. It also functions as a full-body massage that your dog would surely enjoy.

Grooming sessions tend to strengthen the bond that you share with them. It also provides an opportunity to inspect issues in their bodies, such as unusual or new bumps.

You need to check their ears each week for signs of infection and trim their nails at least once a month.

What must you know about King Charles Cavalier Spaniel’s exercise requirements?

How much do Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cost in India

Cavaliers were initially bred to be lap dogs. However, they have descended from sporting dogs. Thus, they do enjoy some outdoor activities and moderate exercise. They would be excited to go on walks with you and perform great in several canine sports.

However, they would be just as glad to spend the entire day on the sofa. However, they must always keep them on the leash, as they still have their hunting and scenting instincts. If they find a creature to pursue or an exciting trail to follow, they may not come if you call them.

You should have a fenced yard to keep them in.

The colors of King Charles Cavalier Spaniel’s coats 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have coats of different colors, such as the following:

  • Blenheim
  • Tricolor
  • Black and tan
  • Ruby
  • Black and white

Blenheim is a combination of pearly white and rich chestnut – this is the commonest among all. Tricolor Cavaliers are white and black with tan marks on their cheeks and above their eyes. Ruby-colored Cavaliers are red or brownish.

Black and tan Cavaliers are black with tan spots above their eyes and on their cheeks, legs, and chests. Black and white Cavaliers are mainly white with big patches of black on different parts of their bodies.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels are toy-sized bundles of love 

Cavaliers are the friendliest breeds out there and shower affection on their families. They are also happy to get along with other dogs, cats, kids, and even people who are strangers to them. They consider strangers to be friends that they have not met yet.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels get mixed up with other breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are an American breed, but they often get mixed up with King Charles Spaniels of England. They are separate breeds.

However, they did share some history at a point in time before they separated a lot of years back. AKC (American Kennel Club) has ranked Cavaliers as the 19th most popular breed of dogs in the USA (United States of America).

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels dog breed history

These small Spaniels have been popular as companion dogs for hundreds of years. They were found mainly in the noble homes and royal courts in the following countries:

  • Spain
  • France
  • England
  • Scotland

They get their name from Spain itself. They were also featured prominently in portraits with their owners. The Stuarts of Scotland were especially fond of these small dogs.

Mary, Queen of Scots, had a toy Spaniel with her when she was executed. Her descendant, King Charles I of England did the same thing.

They were firm favorites of the royal ladies as they kept their feet and hands warm whenever it was too cold.

How are they as individuals?

Cavaliers could come with varying temperaments. However, most of them are sparkling and gregarious individuals. They tend to love everyone they encounter. Hence, they are not the best dogs. They are also the biggest among all toy breeds.

Even though they are cuddly and diminutive, they are athletic, and much of the credit needs to be given to their genes. They usually excel at dog sports such as fly ball and agility.

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Where did King Charles Cavalier Spaniels get their name from?

It was in 1945 that King Charles Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were regarded as separate breeds. AKC wanted to name the former Toy Spaniel, but King Edward VII wished for the royal connection to remain.

Experts say that the difference between the two is that compared to Cavaliers, King Charles Spaniels have shorter muzzles and domed heads and are generally smaller.

How to take proper care of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels dogs at your home?

What you can do to keep your Cavalier happy and healthy is common sense, as it is with people. Could you ensure you are watching their diet and giving them the exercise they need daily?

Brush their coat and teeth regularly. If you ever see something unusual, please contact the vet or pet hospital as soon as possible. Could you ensure you stick to the schedule of vaccinations and examinations they are supposed to have each year?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a small and charming dog breed with a royal history and are reputed to be easy to train and immensely intelligent. These friendly dogs are also known for their wavy, soft coats and tufted long paws. They also come in a wide range of beautiful body coats.

They are nicknamed Comforter Spaniel, the most apt description for these babies. They would always want to bond with you and not even mind sleeping in your bed with you. They are gentle, energetic, sweet, playful, friendly, dignified, and trusting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to know before getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

A: Cavaliers are kind, loyal, and gentle dogs. It is the reason why they are as popular as they are. However, they need constant company as they get upset if you leave them alone.

Q: What does King Charles Cavaliers need?

A: Just like all other dog breeds, you need to trim the nails, clean the ears, and brush the teeth of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so that they feel at their best at all times.

Q: Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a good choice for first-time owners?

A: Cavaliers are rather adaptable and sweet individuals. They make an excellent option for first-time owners. However, they tend to be prone to separation anxiety.

Q: Can Cavalier Spaniels be left alone?

A: Cavaliers are never at ease when they have to spend time alone. They are at their best when they have a family member to keep them company throughout the day.

Q: Do Cavaliers bark a lot?

A: Cavaliers are docile and do not bark a lot. However, if they get stressed or bored, they could get rather yappy and destructive. So they may bark to get your attention at times.

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