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Can You Use Baby Shampoo For Dogs

We often get asked this question, that whether they can use baby shampoo on their pet dogs. Here are some of the following questions that often arise about using baby shampoo on dogs, especially for someone who just adopted a puppy:

Q: When is the right time to bathe a puppy?

Ans: Generally, people adopt a puppy around the age of 8-12 weeks because breeders usually sell the dog at this age. The best time to bathe a puppy for the first time is when he is older than 12 weeks.

Q: What if he has a bad odor, but he is only 8 weeks?

Ans: You can clean it with lukewarm water and then use a soft towel to clean and dry his fluffy fur, also you can use a dryer to keep him warm and make sure his skin and fur is completely dry.

Q: Can I use baby shampoo on my dog, is it safe for my puppy’s delicate skin?

Ans: NO, below are some factors that you should know about baby shampoo.

The purpose to bathe a puppy is to make it clean, fluffy, free of all dirt, mildew, or protection from other skin problems. That is why you should choose a proper shampoo, especially for your puppy’s delicate skin.

But, there are still many dog owners who think that baby shampoo has a smooth character, soft and gentle, and is also safe for the skin so it can also be used on puppies. It is completely wrong!

Although, there is no research that proves using a human shampoo can make puppy skin irritated. However, here is:

Why human shampoo is not recommended for dogs’ skin?

  • The pH of the skin

    The pH balance of dogs’ skin and humans are different. Human skin pH <7, means more acidic than the dog’s skin i.e., pH> 7, more alkaline.

  • Puppy Skin and Coat

    Baby shampoos are not appropriate for use on dogs because they do not thoroughly clean the skin, especially for the dirty dog skin. Baby shampoo only makes the fur shiny but can’t clean the dog’s skin thoroughly. It cannot help with skin infections, fungi, mites, and or even aid with dry skin regeneration.

  • Natural oily skin

    Baby shampoo can eliminate the natural oils on the puppy skin, frequently using baby shampoo on dog can lead to dry skin and irritations, especially if your puppy has sensitive skin.

We advise you to use only dog shampoos that are specially made for dogs. Use a shampoo that works to solve problems for your dog’s skin. Using the wrong shampoo will have side effects such as skin irritation, dry skin, hair loss, tangled hair

Best dog shampoo

RACE Fight Anti-Tick Neem Shampoo 200Ml  

Beaphar Bea Dog Shampoo, 250 ml (Black)

Wahl 820005 Shed Control Shampoo, Lemongrass Sage


Although there is no research that proves baby shampoo can irritate dog skin, we recommend that you use the right shampoo for your puppy skin, especially since its function has to clean thoroughly puppies fur, skin, and coat. Choose a shampoo made from natural and organic ingredients that are safe for your puppy.

But if your dog has sensitive skin, you should consult with your veterinarian to provide the most appropriate products for skin problems of your dog.

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Jay Lim is the founder of Dogscabin, His simple philosophy is to learn while sharing his experience about dog care. He likes to write articles about dogs on his blog site that is dedicated to providing information, guidance, care, health, and all things related to dogs.
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