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Wednesday , June 19 2024
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Bobi, World’s Oldest Dog Ever Celebrates 31st Birthday
Image Credits: Guinness World Records

Bobi, World’s Oldest Dog Ever Celebrates 31st Birthday

Happy birthday to Bobi!

Bobi is the world’s oldest living dog ever. On 11 May 1992, it arrived on this heavenly earth. Now it is a 31-year-old pooch.

On the occasion of Bobi’s 31st birthday, its owner, Leonel Costa, is throwing a grand birthday party on Saturday at his home in the Portuguese village of Conqueror. Bobi has spent its entire life here.

 Costa said, “The party will be a classic Portuguese party, and guests will enjoy the local Portuguese cuisines. Bobi only eats human food so that extra human food will be provided.”

‘In addition to food, a dance group is invited, and Bobi will also partake in one dance performance. More than 100 guests will attend this party, many from foreign lands. So we’re excited,” Costa said

Bobi Celebrates 31st Birthday
Image Credits: Guinness World Records

Costa added, “Bobi’s life has been busy since it won Guinness World Records titles in February. A lot of journalists and people all over the world came over to get clicked with Bobi. It is not less than a celebrity.”

Later Leonel provided Bobi’s health update. It was taken to the veteran for a health check because Bobi saw many visitors clicking with it, which made the past few months harsh. Its health deteriorated a little, but it is doing well now.

The Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria, which registered Bobi in May 1992, confirmed its birthday.

SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government and managed by the SNMV, also verified Bobi’s age

Bobi’s owner, Leonel, had several canines, including Bobi’s mother, Gira, who left this world at 18, but he never knew one of his dogs would live this long.

“What is the reason for Bobi’s longevity?” 

“If Bobi can speak, he could explain it, but I think the “calm, peaceful environment” it lives in contributes to Bobi’s longevity,” Leonel stated. 

Bobi World’s Oldest Dog

In its entire life, Bobi roamed freely and was never chained. He was always surrounded by several animals, which made him a “sociable pouch.”

Now it is old and like older people, it is weak, finds it hard to walk, sleeps a lot, and loves to chill in the home yard only.

Its eyesight has deteriorated, and it bumps into things often when it walks.

Leonel Costa was eight when Bobi was born. Now, Costa is 38, and Bobi is his most crucial family member.

He said,” Bobi reminds him of many people who were in his family and now passed away. It depicts those generations.

Happy 31st birthday, Bobi!

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