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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Best Dog Treats For Dogs Suffering From Obesity

Best Dog Treats For Dogs Suffering From Obesity

Around 55% of dogs are overweight or obese, and weight gain is only becoming more common for our furry friends.

If your dog is on a diet or weight loss journey, you may feel like you can’t give them any treats, but that’s not true. Here are some of the best dog treats for dogs suffering from obesity. 

What type of dog treats should you give your dog if they’re overweight?

Dog treats won’t make your pet fat or keep them overweight. For a dog to lose weight, they need to eat in a calorie deficit. So their best bet is to eat less or eat lower-calorie dog food. 

Many treats are less than 10 calories a piece, so a few treats a day can fit into your dog’s diet. However, you may want to choose lower-calorie and fat treats in order to make sure your dog stays on track. All of the dog treats on this list are great options. 

How many treats can overweight dogs have? 

This will depend on your dog’s size, breed, weight, and activity level. But usually, a dog shouldn’t eat more than 4-5 treats that are more “bite-sized” (like training treats), or one larger “chew” type treat (like jerky sticks). 

Best Dog Treats For Dogs Suffering From Obesity 

The following treats are all weight loss-friendly, without sacrificing flavor and excitement for your dog. These dog treats are the best for dogs suffering from obesity. 

Pet Center Chicken Nibbles Dog Treats 

The Pet Center Chicken Nibbles Dog Treats only have about 1% of Crude Fat per treat serving, making them a great low-fat treat. And, the best part about these treats is that they’re made of one single ingredient — chicken breast. 

The chicken is roasted and then dehydrated for a savory and slightly crunchy treat that dogs love. And, this treat is great for both small and big dogs, as each treat is only around seven calories each. 

They’re also gluten-free and don’t contain any fillers, additives, or preservatives. So you know you’ll be feeding your dog the best low-fat and low-calorie treat available. 

Pet Center Chicken Nibbles Dog Treats

Halo Grain-Free Dog Treats 

These vegan and grain-free snacks are a great treat if your dog has more of a sweet tooth. Not only are they low-fat, but they’re also bite-sized, making it easy for even the smallest breeds to enjoy. 

Each of the flavor options — sweet potato, carrot, and quinoa cookie, all include high fiber ingredients like peanuts, peas, and pumpkin. These low-calorie ingredients also help aid in digestion. 

Halo Grain-Free Dog Treats are 100% plant-based for dogs that may have a protein sensitivity and are made in the USA without any factory-farmed ingredients. 

Fruitables Baked Pumpkin & Banana Dog Treats

These sweet treats are made with only 10 simple and wholesome ingredients, including pumpkin, bananas and cinnamon. And, at just eight calories apiece, you can feel good about giving your dog a few treats without hurting their diet. 

The Fruitables Baked Pumpkin & Banana dog treats are sourced in the USA and many of the ingredients are also organic. They’re also crunchy treats, so they’re shelf-stable and easy for dogs of all sizes to eat. 

Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Lamb Liver Treats

Does your pup need a higher protein and vitamin-enriched treat? Stewart’s Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Lamb Liver treats fit those needs effortlessly. Made from 100% raw liver that’s freeze-dried, these treats are great for dogs with allergies and sensitivities too. 

These treats are low-fat, low in calories (with just 4 calories per treat), and are slightly crunchy with a chew. The treats also make great training treats, as well as kibble toppers if your dog is a picky eater or doesn’t prefer their lower-calorie food.  

How many treats can overweight dogs have

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats Salmon Recipe

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Salmon Recipe Training dog treats are the best option for smaller breed dogs. These mini treats use nutritious and low-calorie ingredients like real salmon, cherries, and potato protein to create a delicious treat. And, these are the lowest calorie treats on this list, clocking in at just two calories per treat. 

They are free from corn, wheat, and soy, so they’re also great for dogs with allergies. The treats also come in chicken and lamb flavors. 

EcoKind Yak Cheese Dog Chews

If you want to give your dog a treat that will take a while to chew through, try the EcoKind Yak Cheese Dog Chews. They’re also great for larger dogs that eat normal-sized treats too fast. 

These treats are made with just four ingredients —cow milk, yak milk, salt, and lime. And, they can keep your dog busy for hours. Even though they’re made with milk, they’re lactose-free. The lactose is removed when the milk is processed to make the chews very gentle on sensitive stomachs. 

When serving these natural treats, make sure to choose the right size for your pup. And,  if the treat splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately to ensure your pet’s safety.

Rocco & Roxie Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Gourmet Beef Jerky Dog Sticks are the best beef jerky option that’s also lower in calories for dogs that suffer from obesity. The treats are made with American-raised beef that was slow-smoked with hickory wood for 10 hours. 

These treats have a soft, meaty texture, and are great for training or just for a nice chewy treat. They don’t contain wheat, soy, corn, or gluten. They are also made in the USA. 

Fresh Foods From Your Home 

You don’t have to buy your dog’s treats. In fact, you can feed them food right from your fridge and pantry! Dogs love fruits like apples, banana slices, and berries. And, vegetables like sweet potato and cucumber are a great healthy option. 

You can also make homemade treats to fit in a Kong if you want your dog to take their time eating their treats. Just remember to not feed your dog foods that can be toxic to them, like grapes or chocolate. 

Before Making Changes To Your Dog’s Diet, Check With Their Vet

Before introducing your dog to new treats, consult with your vet. Based on their weight and if they need to lose weight, your veterinarian can give you the best options. 

There Are Great Dog Treat Options For Dogs Suffering From Obesity 

There are many treats on the dog market that dogs love, but these are the best dog treats for dogs suffering from obesity. Just because your furry friend is overweight, it doesn’t mean they can’t indulge in a delicious treat. And, these treats are also healthy, so they can still stay on track.

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