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Thursday , February 22 2024
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Behold, Cute Dogs In Halloween Costumes

Behold, Cute Dogs In Halloween Costumes

The Halloween dog parade is something that is always a hit. The appeal of a dog as a vehicle for an owner’s creativity is something that can be resisted. It’s all delightful, whether the dogs are thrilled by the attention, unaware of their participation in the joke, or begrudgingly humoring their owner with a grumpy look.

The world’s most famous Halloween dog parade is in New York City. Every dog in costume is a winner. Even if they didn’t win the prize, here are some of favorite ones.

Apparently, you’re supposed to kill invasive lanternflies if you see one. This puts a whole new spin on the horror movie villain trope.

The bodega cat is iconic in New York City for keeping rats out of convenience stores (aka bodegas). Of course, this little dog doesn’t look thrilled to be dressed up as a cat, but they really nailed the assignment.

Let’s just hope this princess is secure on her tower of mattresses.

How can you not find this dog’s costume “a-peel-ing”?

The friendliest killer doll you’ve ever seen.

Pugs are already like aliens, so this one works on multiple levels.

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