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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Dog show

All Breed Championship Dog Show In Mangaluru

Recently, an all breed championship dog show was held in Mangaluru. The two-day dog show was organized by Karavali Canine Club. Around hundreds of dog lovers came together to witness the all breed championship dog show at police ground in the city.

Dog show in Mangaluru

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Various types of breed participated in this dog show. Baby beauty, 1-year-old female Neapolitan mastiff, traveled all the way from Bengaluru to become a part of the dog show being held in the port city.  Meanwhile, a five-and-a-half year old female Irish setter, a Schnauzer, fox terrier, Tibetan terrier, Shih tzu, Siberian husky, English cocker spaniel, boxer, Tsang apso, Teacup, Pomeranian, German shepherd, Mudhol hound and several other breeds of  dogs won the hearts of many pooch lovers at the show.

“Baby Beauty is a very lovely dog. She is very possessive about her loved ones. She is very obedient, loving and caring and is like a family member,” said canine lover Ayesha Sultana Hopley of Coronation Kennels, Bengaluru.

Ayesha also had brought Shih tzu, Siberian husky and English cocker spaniel along with Neapolitan mastiff, who hogged the limelight at the show, which will continue till Sunday.

“Neapolitan mastiff is a very special breed not only because of its large appearance, but is also a perfect guard dog for a family. This breed can live in apartments in cities, but must be taken out for walks regularly,” said Ayesha, who has already participated in over 100 dog shows with her pets since past six years.

Meanwhile, Sharath B of Mak Kennel India brought an Irish setter, a Tibetan terrier and a boxer to take part in the show. Hundreds of canine lovers from the state and those from other parts of the nation also came with their lovely pets.

Ethical breeding of canines

Karavali Canine Club secretary Prasad Aithal said the main aim of the club is to promote ethical breeding of canines.

“Ethical breeding and registration of canines are our major objectives. Dog shows help people understand the significance of ethical breeding and also provide platform for canine lovers to share views. Interested people in Mangaluru are getting an opportunity to see rare breeds of dogs,” he added.

Heather Morrison from Australia, Stanley Sim from Singapore, T Preetham from Bengaluru and D Krishna Murthy from Coimbatore are judging show, said Prasad.

Ganesh Kumar Salian, member of Karavali Canine Club, said the dog show has given an opportunity to the Mangalureans to see and learn more about dogs.

“The main aim of the dog show is to discourage inbreeding and promote ethical breeding,” said Salian, who has two German shepherds and a doberman in his house in Mangaluru.

Source: The Times Of India

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