Service Dog Gives Birth To 8 Puppies At Florida Airport
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Service Dog Gives Birth

Service Dog Gives Birth To 8 Puppies At Florida Airport | US

A two-year-old female service dog, Labrador named Ellie delivered eight cute puppies at Florida airport in the US. The dog gave birth to pups in the middle of the Tampa international airport with the help of Tampa fire rescue medical team, just before her owners boarded their flight.

Service dog gave birth to puppies

Ellie and his partner, Nugget are now happy parents of seven males and one female pup.

Two service dog

An airport spokesperson said Ellie and Nugget’s owners, a woman and her daughter, were set to board their flight to Philadelphia with the two service dogs when Ellie went into labour.

The woman and her canine family missed their flight but created quite a cute stir and fascinating scene for crowds of travelers who cheered as each puppy arrived on the concourse.

The cute puppies were delivered with the help of Tampa Fire Rescue paramedics and a nurse. Tampa paramedics, PM Larry Glanton and Lt. Natalie Brown teamed up to deliver the puppies.

Tampa Fire Rescue team

“I’ve never seen anything like this in an airport, or otherwise. No planes were delayed during the three-hour event said airport spokeswoman, Emily Nipps.

Service dog

The family and all 10 canines will be driving all 1,000 miles (1600 km) from Tampa to Philadelphia.

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