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A Pet Dog Prevented ATM Robbery In Hazaribag

News agency PTI reported that a pet dog prevented a robbery in an ATM point in Jharkhand’s Hazaribag district. A gang of robbers reached the Axis Bank ATM on the ground floor of a house on GT Road in Chaithi village in Chouparan police station with gas cutters, LPG cylinders, and hammers to rob during the night.

Sudhir Barnwal owns the house where the ATM is located. The robbers had almost finished cutting open the machine when Barnwal’s pet dog Samba began barking, alerting his owner and the neighbours, the agency said, citing the police’s statement.

As people woke up, the robbers left the damaged machine behind and fled, the cops said. Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Nazir Akhtar said a case had been filed, and an investigation started into the incident. The ATM had ₹27 lakh in it, he said.

Police said they suspect robbers from outside the state were involved in it. Another incident happened in Gujarat in 2020 when an alert dog helped foil a burglary in Manjalpur, Vadodara. The police rushed to the area and arrested a burglar.

A local resident said their pet dog, Rocky, made a muffled noise, and another person living in that area understood something was wrong. The man said they looked out the window and saw four robbers trying to break into the house.

The man and his son instantly informed the neighbours, and hearing the commotion, the robbers took off, but the local residents followed.

The man said his dog Rocky had also alerted him about the burglary.

According to the latest report by RBI, India has the third-largest number of ATMs deployed, and it continues to fare poorly in people helped per ATM due to its sizable population. A single ATM is catering to over 5,800 people as of the end of 2020.

Besides, the cases of burglary, robbery, dacoity, and theft in ATMs have risen in the past few years. As per the RBI, in FY18, the cases of ATM robbery were 303, which increased to 515 in FY19. The amount involved was ₹11.22 crore and ₹25.47 crore, respectively.

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