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Thursday , May 23 2024
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8 Excellent Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

8 Excellent Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

It is essential to keep your dog happy and healthy. As such, your dog will reciprocate and make you smile too. Here is how to keep your dog healthy.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is a good thing to make the dog feel comfortable and in the right state of mind. It can also help the dog avoid diseases that can be hard to treat, hence saving you treatment expenses.

It is important to note that your dog depends on you to be healthy and happy. As such, you should play your part by doing several things. Read on to learn how to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Proper diet

Proper diet

Just like humans, dogs require balanced diets to live a healthy and long life. As such, you should carefully choose high-quality food for your canine pal.

It is important to note that dogs eat both meat and plants and require nutrients such as zinc, protein, carbs, calcium, oils, vitamins, among others.

Most people give their dogs leftovers, but it is high time you start cooking special diets for your dog. You should buy healthy meat for your dog.

In addition, you should properly cook dog food, specially manufactured foods. Depending on your dog’s nutrient requirements, you should talk with your vet to have a perfect diet plan for your canine pal.

Adequate and comfortable shelter 

Adequate and comfortable shelter

Gone are the days when people used to leave the dogs out in the cold, rain, or unfavorable weather conditions. Nowadays, you’ve to offer proper shelter for your dog. You should invest in a large comfortable crate where the dog spends most of the time.

The crate may not protect the dog from wind, harsh sun rays, or the cold. As such, you should buy a high-quality dog crate cover. A good cover should protect the dog from harsh environmental conditions and enhance air circulation.

Besides, the best dog crate cover ensures comfortable resting and relaxing making sure the dog remains calm and happy. You can visit Doglovespoint to check reviews of some of the best dog crate covers you can buy.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

You need to keep your dog active and strong. You can achieve that by exercising your dog regularly. Regular exercise ensures that the dog develops strong muscles and joints. This ensures that the dog enjoys the best mobility.

When you keep your dog locked in a crate throughout, your dog will get tired and its muscles and joints will become stiff. You can avoid that by allowing your canine pal to walk around the compound and even letting him accompany you while jogging.

You can also research more to know how you can exercise the pet and some of the activities that can excite and make your dog more active.


Dog Vaccination

To ensure that your dog remains healthy, you should ensure that it gets all the necessary vaccinations. You should ensure that the canine friend is vaccinated against rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, canine influenza, among other diseases.

Getting vaccination against these serious illnesses is a good thing as some of the illnesses are expensive to treat and can even lead to the death of the dog.

Besides, if your dog is not vaccinated against some of the diseases, it may not be allowed in dog parks or even to travel in some states.

Regular veterinary visits

Regular veterinary visits

It is always advisable to take your dog to the vet for a checkup. The vet will carry out some tests to confirm if your dog is healthy or not.

In case of illnesses, the vet will treat the illnesses before it gets out of hand. Also, the veterinarian will advise you on how to keep the dog healthy and happy.

As a result, you will take care of the pet in the best ways possible hence avoiding factors that can expose your dog to illnesses. Don’t wait until the dog shows signs of poor health to visit the veterinarian, it might be too late.

Grooming and pest control

Grooming and pest control

Grooming your dog is one of the things that should be on your plan every weekend. It is good to clean and groom your dog once in a while.

Grooming helps get rid of pests such as ticks and fleas. It also helps keep the dog’s coat shiny and smooth. It is important to note that grooming allows you to bond with your dog.

You can groom the dog yourself, but it is advisable to take the pet to a trusted dog groomer near you with all the required tools once in a while.

Besides, you should spray the dog, bedding, and shelter with recommended pesticides to get rid of ticks, fleas, and other pests that can affect your dog’s health.

Provide essential supplements

Provide essential supplements

A balanced diet and exercise may not be enough to guarantee good health for your dog. At times, you may be required to provide supplements for your dog to enhance its health and well-being.

There are different supplements out there on the market and you need to research before you buy any for your canine friend. You need to look for ingredients and the purpose of the supplements.

Some supplements are made to enhance bone health, while others focus on muscle health. It is also advisable to talk to a dog expert before you buy supplements for your dog. The expert will guide you to buy exactly what your dog needs to get better and stronger.

Supply clean and dry bedding

Supply clean and dry bedding

If you keep your dog in a dumpy place with wet and dirty beddings, you are putting your pooch at risk of getting diseases.

Your canine pal deserves to live in a cool, dry place and sleep on clean and comfortable bedding. It is advisable to clean your dog beddings regularly to get rid of dirt, pests, and disease-causing organisms.

Final Words

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is your responsibility. First of all, you should know your dog’s habits as that will help you notice when the dog is unwell. Besides, you should consider the above tips that will help you to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Remember that dog health depends on you to be happy and healthy. Therefore, play your part.

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