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7 puppies rescued

7 Puppies Rescued From A Dustbin In Mumbai

7 puppies rescued miraculously from a dustbin by animal lovers!

The puppies were packed in a white sack and dumped in a dustbin near JJ Hospital. Animal lovers who rescued the puppies, immediately contacted volunteer Uma Shetty to help them out. As Uma reached the spot, she saw the innocent puppies moving briskly inside the sack, trying to get out.

7 Puppies Rescued

7 puppies rescued

As per Uma, the puppies looked like just two to three weeks old. She even managed to trace their mother two buildings away at Haji Residency at Umerkhadi. She said that she also noticed injury marks on the mother when she took the puppies back to her.

“I immediately realized that it was unsafe to leave the puppies back in that area. So, I took them with me along with their mother and called for a private ambulance and moved them to ‘HELP animals & birds’ hospital in Masjid Bunder for immediate care and shelter,” said Shetty.

Currently, the seven newborn puppies and their mother are at a kennel in Jayesh Shah’s animal hospital.  The 7 puppies rescued and their mother are up for adoption now! (Adoption Details Below)

Jayesh Shah said, “Their mother is very aggressive at the moment because of the separation with her pups, so we will let her spend time with them until she gets comfortable and becomes less aggressive. She also has to be treated for injuries on her body but we can only initiate it once she settles down here.”

Animal hospital has the facility to provide accommodation to near about 40 stray dogs and also provide free treatment to injured stray animals and birds.

A case will be registered under section 428/429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and also under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, if anyone found guilty of trying to kill the mother and the puppies.

Reference: Dna

For adoption related queries, contact HELP Animals & Birds Association


11 Asok House, 29-55 Nandlal Jani Marg, Masjid Bunder East, Mumbai – 400009.

Contact numbers:

  • 92233 33338
  • 93223 33338
  • 98923 33338
  • 2374 2652

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