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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Dog Walking Service

5 Things A Good Dog Walking Service Should Offer


Professional dog walking still pops up on different articles and blogs as a rather unique and unusual business idea. While this may have been accurate at the start of this decade, the truth is that dog walking has become a very profitable and respectable way of earning your living.

In the US, the dog walking services industry has maintained consistent growth for the last five years. Whereas in the UK, professional dog walkers can earn up to £64,000 a year which is more than twice the median British salary. Normally, they earn around £26,496 which is still, £4000 more than the UK median salary.

With so many services of this kind available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best option. So let’s discuss the 5 things that a good professional dog walking service should offer their clients.

1. Dog Walking Service Profile

Dog Walking Service_1

Everything about a dog walking service must be transparent and available for your knowledge, their profile, history when they were formed, and what are their most proud achievements. If you get to know all this, your dog or dogs are most probably in very safe hands during the walks.

Obviously, no business will reveal all its professional information to you but you must make sure that – a) it is not a scam, and b) the walkers are capable people worthy of you trusting their dogs to them.

2. Trained and Experienced Walkers

Dog Walking Service_2

The dog walkers handling your pets must be trained to assess the changing moods, behavior, and gestures of different dog breeds. If a person spends a lot of time with dogs, he or she can sense and guess what dogs want at any particular moment, this is what you want from your dog walkers. The combination of experience and training in dog walkers is the best thing that can happen for your pets.

3. Safety Guarantee

A good pet service will guarantee the safety of your dog(s) when they take them up for walks. Any service where you have to ask for such a guarantee is shady, without any question.

And if someone is outright refusing to guarantee the safety of animals is an immediate “NO”. There are lots of good services that can do a better job while taking care of the animals in the best possible way and assuring their safety.

4. Schedule Confirmation

Dog Walking Service_3

You would be more comfortable knowing when your dogs are being walked and when they are at home or doing something else in your absence.

You know that a dog walking service is good at what it does when they can inform you about the exact schedule of your dog’s walks. It is a definite plus point. If you can have an opinion on planning the best schedule for your dog’s walk, it is even better.

5. Walk Tracks

Having a fixed track (or tracks) for where a certain walker would walk a certain client’s dog, shows that the dog walking service is appropriately professional in its work and takes it seriously.

Consider the alternative, where dog walkers are scrambling every day to find out a suitable place where they can walk the dog without distractions. It is hard to trust the credibility of such a business.

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Hannah Carter

Hannah Carter is a marketer and writer who works for Sunnydays Pets and lives in the UK. She is an avid blogger and her tips on a multitude of topics have proven helpful for a lot of people. In her spare time, she likes to travel and cook.
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