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Thursday , May 30 2024
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30 Stray Dogs Find New Home In Nagpur

30 Stray Dogs Find New Homes In Nagpur

Recently, 28 stray puppies and 2 adult dogs were adopted at an adoption camp organized by Save Speechless Organization (SSO), Hazari Pahad, Nagpur on 1 December. The dogs found their caretakers, and a home to lead a normal life in the camp.

Adoption Camp

In an adoption camp, 70 dogs were up for adoption out of which 30 dogs found new home. Some of the dogs in the camp were registered by the people while a few were rescued by the SSO.

Namrata Mire, member of SSO, said, “People who adopt dogs have to fill a form and submit their identification documents. We also provide them pamphlets that give basic information about how to take care of dogs. But our job does not end after handing over dogs as we visit them every month for a year and verify whether they are being looked after well or not.”

During the camp, those aspiring to adopt dogs were given information about their grooming, laws that are meant to prevent cruelty to animals, street dog sterilization procedure, para-veterinary training and emergency contacts to report injuries or sickness of the canines.

Namrata said many people are cruel towards animals, especially street dogs, which is a punishable offense. A vigilant society, aware of laws for protection of animals, can help punish cruel people. Such measures can prove effective in containing bad elements when it comes to protection of animals, she said.

Smita Mire, founder of SSO, said about the concept of ‘Virtual Parents’ under which the people who love dogs but cannot pet them for some reason can contribute by sponsoring their food and required medicines. They can even take them home for a day or two, she added.

Breed dogs Vs Stray dogs

Smita said, “Breed dogs are generally preferred by people. What they fail to understand is that a street dog is much convenient and cheap to pet. They need just two vaccinations and deworming once in six months. On the contrary, the breed dogs need frequent deworming and vaccinations. Besides, the street dogs adapt well in Indian climate and need no special food or nurturing requirements.”

She urged people to help these creatures by giving them a permanent home and starting off the New Year with a noble deed.

Reference: The Times Of India

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