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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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10 Reasons Why Pomeranians are the Best Dogs

10 Reasons Why Pomeranians are the Best Dogs

Pomeranians are one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever find for yourself. The main reasons for their cuteness are their size and bright colors. They are hardly 7-12 inches tall; if they are teacup pomeranian dogs, they’ll scarcely grow 3-7 inches.

That’s the reason people love to keep such toy-sized dogs with them. They got their name from their place of origin, Pomerania. Pomerania is the historical region on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea in central Europe.

They have a fox-like shape, prick ears, and a fluffy double coat. Many exciting things about these dogs make them the best dogs. Let’s discuss them.

Pomeranian is a Small size dog breed.

They are 7-12 inches tall and weigh only 4-8 lbs. That’s why you can easily take care of them. You have to feed them less, and you can clean them easily. Also, you don’t have to pick a considerable amount of poop that big dogs do. You can save a lot of food and grooming costs if you own a pomeranian. Moreover, they are easy to carry anywhere you want.

Intelligent dogs

Pomeranian won’t let you get bored.

Despite the small size of the pomeranian dog breed, they are full of energy that always wants to be the center of attention. That’s the reason they can brighten up your day. They’ll do different stunts to get your attention.

However, remember that they don’t like when their owners don’t give them attention. They may get angry and sit somewhere in the corner. That’s why, whenever they try to get your attention, make sure you give them.

Pomeranians are Intelligent dogs.

They are brilliant dogs that understand instructions very quickly. They rank in 23rd position in the “Intelligence of Dogs” book by “Stanley Coren” That’s why they are easy to train. They are eager to learn, and you can benefit from their brains and teach them whatever you want.

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They can easily socialize with people and other dogs because of their extroverted nature. That’s why you can always keep them in your friends’ and dogs’ company. They’ll love to entertain them as well.

However, you must be extra conscious if they are over-friendly with big dogs. If they are playing with big dogs, could you make sure you supervise them?

They don’t realize they are small, so big dogs can harm them by picking them up by the neck or shaking them.


Pomeranian, a Good Watchdog

Pomeranian will satisfy you whether in your house or public. If you own a pomeranian, no one can approach you unnoticed.

However, you can’t expect them to protect you from any attack. But they can be an excellent watchdog. Once they notice something unusual, they try to alert their owner by barking.

Pomeranians are Loyal

They are very loyal dogs that will never leave you. Pomeranian can be your best choice if you want a perfect dedicated dog partner. They love to be around their owners.

That’s the reason separation anxiety is common among Pomeranians. They show the following indicators before you go anywhere, leaving them at home alone:

  • They may get nervous
  • They may tremble
  • Act clingy
  • They may show some reaction seeing the keys in your hand

Once you leave the house, they’ll give the following reactions:

  • They’ll bark too much until they get tired. After taking some rest, they’ll start to bark again. Your neighbors will listen to their barking.
  • They may toss the toys, spill water, and through the food.
  • Even if you have given them proper potty training, they’ll urinate or poop anywhere in the house because of frustration.
  • Too much licking.
  • They’ll stay depressed all day until you get back home.
  • They’ll chew everything within their reach.

Once you arrive back home, they’ll show so much excitement and energy. They may start jumping or show different exciting stunts.

Easy to keep them healthy

Easy to keep them healthy

It is easy to keep them healthy, unlike large dogs. Large dogs eat a lot and require too much regular exercise and other physical activities to burn calories. Otherwise, they may get obese.

The case is straightforward regarding Pomeranians because they don’t overeat. Due to less food consumption, they don’t require heavy exercise to burn calories. Even a regular small walk in the house or the garden is enough for them.

Pomeranian has a long lifespan.

The most common fear every dog owner has is to get separated from their beloved dog forever because dogs don’t have a long lifespan like humans. The good thing about Pomeranians is they have a good lifespan compared to many other dog breeds.

They can live 12-16 years, depending upon the living conditions. The living conditions include food quality, exercise routine, frequency of vet checkups, etc. If you take care of all these conditions, you can increase the lifespan of your dog.

If you compare it with other breeds’ lifespans, 12-16 years is an excellent lifespan because some dogs like Bullmastiff and Great Danes hardly live 7-8 years. If you own a Pomeranian, you can make many good memories.

A lot of color options

Pomeranian lovers have many options when getting a Pomeranian for them. Everyone has a different preference; you should go for your favorite color.

You can get them in red, orange, cream, chocolate, brindle, white, merle, black, grey-shaded, and tan. The most common colors of them are cream and orange.

Pomeranian Dog

Affectionate dog

Pomeranians are very affectionate. They love to get cuddled. Pomeranian can be a good choice if you want a good dog to cuddle with. Moreover, most people love to put them on their laps because they can easily fit on the lap because of their small size.


Above mentioned are the reasons why Pomeranians are one of the best dogs in the world. If you plan to get a pomeranian, these reasons will help you know what it feels like to own a Pomeranian. Like every other dog, they also have some drawbacks, but we will discuss them in another article.


Question: Are Pomeranians suitable for families with children?

Answer: Yes, but supervise interactions due to their small size.

Question: How much exercise do Pomeranians require?

Answer: Moderate exercises, like daily walks and play sessions.

Question: Are Pomeranians prone to any health issues?

Answer: They can be prone to dental problems and patellar luxation.

Question: What is the average lifespan of a Pomeranian?

Answer: The average lifespan of a Pomeranian is around 12 to 16 years.

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