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Private Firms Lodge Bids for Dog Sterlization Projects

Viral Video Shows a Delhi Cop Hitting a Stray Dog

Three private companies have presented bids to carry out dog sterilization as part of the ongoing e-bidding process for a sterilization project in the city. These firms are registered with the Animal Welfare Board, and their applications are currently undergoing technical evaluation. The Amritsar Municipal Corporation has been attempting to ...

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Dog Sterilization Has Been Resumed by Mohali Mc On April 3

70 Dogs Have Been Rescued From The Little Rann In Gujarat

Chandigarh, as per the MC’s plan, the sterilization drive will be executed in a particular area or sector at a time and probably focused on sterilizing female canines to limit reproduction. The Chandigarh municipal corporation (MC) will resume the dog sterilization drive from Monday in order to tackle the stray ...

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A Sterilized Dog Gave Birth To 6 Puppies In Mohali

sterillized dog

Mohali Municipal commissioner, Bhupinder Pal Singh has asked to a local authority about a detailed report regarding stray dogs sterilization after the incident of a sterilized dog giving birth in the city. The matter was highlight when a stray dog gave birth to 6 pups despite being sterilized in a ...

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MC Ludhiana Extend Time For Sterilization Of Stray Dogs

Ludhiana sterlization

Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana has decided to extend the contract for the sterilization project for dogs to more than 3 months, as they missed the target of sterilizing 25,000 stray dogs. As the number of stray dogs keep rising, the stray dog bite cases have also increased. MCL Sterilization project ...

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Special Funds Collected To Address Stray Dog Menace

address stray dog menace

Kozhikode district, Kerala: The district panchayat of Kozhikode has decided to address stray dog menace by introducing Animal birth control (ABC) project. The plan is to implement the scheme with the support of the gram-panchayats. Over 95% of the gram-panchayats in the district have formed monitoring committees for implementing ABC ...

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