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Wednesday , May 24 2023
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Dog Care Tips in Winter

How To Take Care Of Dogs During Winter Season

Winter is a fabulous time of the year but the cold weather can be as hard on our dogs as it is on us. Just because they have a coat of fur on them doesn’t mean they don’t feel the cold!

Does your dog love the winter season or would rather spend time cozying up in a blanket? Whatever they love to do, you have to take care of your dog and protect them during the winters.


Tips to Protect Dogs During Winters:

  • Make sure that your dog does not have any medical condition that makes them more vulnerable to cold, take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup before the season hits.

Veterinarian Petting Dog

  • A dog’s compatibility with cold depends on how big they are and how much fur they have on their body. Big and fluffy dogs can stay outside for a longer duration but for the smaller dogs or dogs with less fur, staying outside for a long time can be dangerous. You have to keep them inside the house, warm and secure.

dogs get sick too

  • Similar to humans, dogs can also fall ill during the winters. Respiratory infection, frostbite, fever, vomiting, and consumption of toxic substances are some of the principal concerns here!

  • To protect your dog from a respiratory infection, such as kennel cough, keep your dog warm and dry. If you find any symptoms of respiratory infection or illness during winter then take them to the veterinarian immediately.


  • Do not take your dog out for long walks during cold weather, a shorter and brisk walk can still accomplish enough exercise and relief without the risks of your dog getting affected by the cold.
  • If your dog is suffering from arthritis (inflammation of joints) and osteoarthritis (degeneration of joint cartilage), they are more likely to face problems during winters. To take care of them, you need to talk to your vet about proper medication, treatment options, and ways to keep your dog fit and warm during winters.

Joint problems

  • Provide warm and extra bedding to your dog, place your dog bed inside the house, away from cold winds and uncarpeted floor.
  • Dogs are attracted to heat during cold weather, keep an eye on your dog and do not let them get too close to the fireplace or heater.
  • Make sure that the water they drink is not too cold; it might affect their health.
  • Canine clothing is a good idea for small dogs or dogs with short hair to keep them warm.

Dog winter clothes

  • The sensitive parts of the dog’s body are ears, nose, and paws; special care should be given to these areas. You can also use dog socks to keep your paws warm. You may have to train your puppy from an early age or else they won’t wear them.
  • A hot water bottle can be tucked under the dog’s blanket to keep them warm during the night.
  • Grooming of the dog is necessary, give your dog a bath with warm water and dry them immediately. This will reduce the risk of fleas, germs, and mess that happens especially during winters.

We hope these tips are going to help you take care of your pet dog this winter season. Have an amazing winter with your pooch!

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