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Chandigarh Golf Club now a ‘Puppy Free’ Zone

‘Hole in one’ is a friendly mutt who can be found at the 18 fairway. ‘Caddy girl’ roams freely around the caddy area, but has a cautious temperament. And ‘white line’ can be found lurking near hole no. 2 and is the least interested in interacting with golfers. These four-legged …

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Chilean Police Train Dogs to Sniff out Covid-19

Police in Chile is training dogs to detect people that may be infected with the novel coronavirus by sniffing their sweat. The dogs three golden retrievers and a labrador are between the ages of four and five. Until now they have been used to sniff out illicit drugs, explosives, and …

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Human Influx Affects Stray Dog Behaviour in India

Changing human flux and urban landscape has a significant influence on the personality and psyche of stray / free-ranging or street dogs in India, a recent study by the Dog Lab at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata has said. India’s free-ranging dogs comprise about 80 …

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Outrage over Poisoning of Dogs in Khammam

Several healthy dogs have been poisoned in Proddutur village of Khammam district in the last few days. While complaints have accused the local panchayat office of the killings, the police have denied the allegations. The deaths triggered outrage among animal activists and a few pet owners in the village. They …

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Auto Driver Booked for Beating Dog to Death

Vadodara Police booked a 60-year-old man for allegedly beating a stray dog to death in a fit of rage after the dog tore open the backseat of his auto rickshaw. Navapura police station is yet to arrest the accused. The incident occurred in the Shiyapura area of the city where …

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