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Tuesday , January 25 2022
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Man Who Brutally Killed Dog Got Arrested And Bailed Out Instantly

Five days after a dog was brutally killed at village Khudda Sanaur of Patiala, hours after she had given birth to four puppies, the Patiala Police arrested one accused late on Friday. However, he was instantly bailed out.

Manga Singh had allegedly thrashed a dog to death with bricks and sticks and dragged her with a motorbike, till she died. The dog had given birth to four puppies.

Police had registered an FIR against Manga Singh and his mother for allegedly picking up the dog and thrashing her to death. The body was later dumped in a village pond. It was on July 6 that volunteers of Janit Sewa Samiti rescued four pups and got the carcass’ autopsy done after recovering it from the pond. FIR was finally registered against mother and son, two days after the incident, under the Sections 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle) of IPC and 11 (1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, at Sanur police station.

Simran Kaur Mehrok, a volunteer, had taken four puppies to her home, but two of them could not survive without their mother and died.

Inspector Karamjit Singh, SHO Sanaur police station, said that Manga Singh, who allegedly thrashed and killed the dog, was arrested Friday late but was bailed out instantly. “As per law, the sections under which he was booked, allowed bail in the police station. His mother is yet to be arrested,” said the SHO.

The dog’s autopsy report had revealed that her jawbone and skull were fractured, eye punctured. There were multiple hemorrhages, said the report.

Source: The Indian Express

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