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Thursday , May 19 2022
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Guide to Prepare Pet for New Normal

Guide to Prepare Pet for New Normal

There’s a ray of hope that the covid pandemic is under control, and now, everything will change back to normal. Employees will be asked to reach the office, which means no work from home. No work from home will be a hard decision for you too.

But, it will have a greater impact on the four-legged baby at your home. Pets shower on us unconditional love, and the innocent puppy eyes, wagging tail to follow every step —won’t let us go back to work. Isn’t it?

While the pandemic started, a sudden change in your lifestyle happened. Your pet was more surprised than any other member in the house. But, now, since everything is returning, it’s a call back to you too. So, why not prepare the furball and give him some extra time with himself. Habits will give them fewer heartbreaks.

And, adjusting to the new normal will be fine for both of you. You can take the training period again. In this way, your pet will not feel secluded after you spend most of the time outdoors. Here, we share ideas on how to prepare a pet for the new normal.

Give them more time to be with themselves

Give them more time to be with themselves

In a few days or few weeks, you will be returning to work, and that’s going to be tough for both you and your pet. It’s time that you start preparing yourself as well as your pet.

Avoid taking pets to places where they have been following you. It might include the local shop or the coffee shop, where you went during your office break hours.

Be gentle while you are preparing them. Also, you must train your pets because suddenly leaving them indoors and showing up to them for a few hours; will have a negative impact. They will encounter anxiety and separation issues. So, you should start giving them time to be with themselves. You can prepare a pet for the new normal by being soft, patient, and gentle in your ways.

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Sticking to Their Early Routine As Much Possible

Sticking to Their Early Routine As Much Possible

The pets are comfortable in a specific routine orientation. So, start preparing them for the inevitable. Ensure you give them enough time to play, exercise, and toys to leave them by themselves.

You have to prepare a routine in the same way as your day will be post-pandemic. Pets are animals of routine. The faster you prepare pets for new normal, the more comfortable it will be— both for you and your pet.

A routine will slow down their separation anxiety, and they will be habituated to spend their time with themselves. You can simply stop taking them outside. Do not show your presence while they are with themselves, and let them be more indoors laying or doing their favorite activities. Encourage them to be on their own.

Giving them beauty naps

Giving them beauty naps

A dog sleeps for around 10-14 hours, and for puppies, it might extend up to 16-18 hours. While you aren’t home, all your pet does is sleep. The pets take long, long beauty naps.

To prepare pets for new normal, make sure that you let them sleep for long hours. This will give them a habit of sleeping while you are not around at home.

Stop Them From Walking With You

Stop Them From Walking With You

Different breeds require a different level of walking and playtime. If in the pandemic, their walking style has changed, try setting it back to normal. Google your pet’s breed and check what activity level it needs. If it’s more playtime, give them time with toys.

The new walking style introduced to them while you are at home should be shifted to normal. When you are not at home, they won’t get restless.

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Recall the practice day again

Recall the practice day again

The pandemic has showered more love and attention on your pet. Maybe now he does not follow the basic commands’ Heel from Fetch’ or ‘Handshake.’

It is time that you give them basic commands. This is an element of control for them. Again, like the puppy stage training, your dog will be happy about it later.

We hope that these methods will prepare your pet for the new normal.  We are here to help you and your pet to adjust to the new normal. Do not worry if your dog has strong separation anxiety. You can be patient. After all, he, too, is a family.

In all these steps, do not forget to give him the love and attention he needs. Do not be in much haste. Haste is a waste in itself. All you can do right now is be patient, show your pets love, give them time to sleep more, and Re-introduce them with various practices and new exercises.

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