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Friday , April 16 2021
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How to take Care of your Dogs amid COVID-19 Lockdown?

Let alone humans; the coronavirus pandemic has affected our furry companions, too. Most people are on lockdown and have to change their lifestyle and daily routines.

Pets are affected too. From the inability to go out to walk to the limited availability of their favorite food, COVID-19 has been harsh on animals as well.

Here are a few dog care tips to take care of your puppy amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Substitute Outdoor Activities with Indoor Ones

Just like humans, dogs also experience stress, anxiety, and even depression if they are locked inside the home for too long. The best dog news website in India advises you to keep your dog entertained by replacing outdoor activities with indoor ones.

You can play fetching games with your dog. If you live in a multi-story building, taking your making your dog to run up and down the stairs is also a good idea. If you have a small space, you can play games like tug of war or hide and seek.

And the best, teach your pooch some new tricks and bond with them during this lockdown season.

Have a designated Potty Spot

One of the major concerns of pet parents amid this COVID-19 lockdown is how to relieve their dogs. Most dog owners take their dogs outdoors for relief. Experts suggest that you can make your dog defecate indoors as well.

For example, you can use a newspaper as a designated spot. Once your dog has finished, bag the feces, dispose it properly, and disinfect the area.

Transition to Home-Cooked Food

Pet stores in most countries may remain closed for a while, and there might be a scarcity of pet food. But the best dog news website in India recommends that if you run out of dog food, you can slowly transition your dog into a balanced home-cooked meal.

However, be sure to take care of your puppy and feed him as per his age, weight, breed, and activity. Vets suggest that the general rule is to give 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food for every 11 kg of body weight.

That being said, most pet owners see dog care dog health care as pampering them, by feeding them their favorite meals and allowing them to eat junk food. Well, pets aren’t exposed to much physical activity, and apart from a few minutes when you play with them, they’ll mostly spend their time lying on the floor.

This can lead to obesity. Therefore, it is essential to give your furry friends with controlled meals. Stock pet food for at least a month or two, and ensure your pets eat well and on time. But keep a check on calorie and nutrient counts, too.

Take Precautionary Measures

COVID-19 doesn’t spread from animals to humans, but it never hurts to focus on dog health care. Wash their paws after you get them back home from a walk. Also, make sure they don’t come in close contact with animals or people outside.

Spend more time with them

The COVID-19 lockdown is a blessing in disguise. Even though it has disrupted human life, it has given us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. So, if you were not available for taking care of your puppy before, now is the time.

Maintain Personal and Home Hygiene

Just like humans, pets also need good amounts of personal hygiene to avoid infections and allergies. Since you might not be able to take your dog out for a walk every now and then, it’s better to stock litter bags for disposing of the waste properly.

If you’re planning to take your pooch out for a walk, do it early morning or late evening when not a lot of people are out there. This way, you’ll minimize contact with others. Also, make sure your pet doesn’t run around and stiff and lick stuff. Once you come back, give your dog a shower to remove all the dirt and dust he might have on his coat.

Ensure Mental and Physical Well-Being

As discussed, pets get depressed and stressed, too. And since it is not recommended to take your dog out in such times of crisis, be sure to engage with them in other activities to keep them physically and mentally occupied. Spend some time with your furry companions in the parking lot, backyard, verandah, or terrace to keep them mentally alert and physically fit.

Another tip for dog care is to engage your dog in-home workout sessions – at least an hour of daily physical activity. You can play games or run staircases with your dog. Just make sure their body is getting enough exercise, and their mind is occupied.

Keep a Few Medications Handy

Getting your pets vaccinated is one of the primary steps of taking care of your puppy. But even if you’ve vaccinated your pooch, it’s advisable to keep a few medications handy.

One of the most common requirements is a deworming medication, along with other medicines that help your pet if he’s feeling sick. If your pet is feeling unwell, like running fever or nausea, it could be an emergency. In such cases, get in touch with your vet immediately.

Look for Behavioral Changes

The best dog news website in India suggests that dogs might have adjustment issues. They’re for long accustomed to spending hours alone in the home. But when we’re there all the time, they might get overwhelmed and easily tired out.

Therefore, it’s important to let them rest and give them space if available. If your dog wants some “me” time and is staying at his own spot, let him be. He’ll tell you when he wants a pat on the back.


Dogs, just like humans, are adaptable. If you’ve trained them well since they were puppies, they won’t have much trouble adjusting to your new lifestyle. Just make sure to exercise them regularly and keep them entertained. Also, spend more time with them – they feel lonely too.

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