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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Autumn Care And Safety Tips For Your Dog

Autumn Care And Safety Tips For Your Dog

Fall is almost upon us. Thus, it means that as a pet parent, you could face some unique set of challenges at this time of the year. However, if you are brave enough, you may view these challenges as opportunities to reaffirm the commitment you have made towards your four-legged baby.

When it comes to a dog, every season comes along with its set of issues that could affect them. Fall is no exception to this norm.

First, you need to ensure that your baby does not get dehydrated and suffer a heat stroke during the hot summers. Second, this is autumn, which means you have to think of new issues that might befall your dog.

Remember that even as the cooler weather sets in with the fading of the heat, your furball would be spending more time outdoors.

It is a good thing, but this also means they get exposed to a fresh set of threats. Therefore, you have to ensure that you have inspected the outdoors and removed all the potential hazards your dog may face in such weather.

Remember to be cautious when you walk with your dog out in the open, as several perils can afflict them during this season.

Autumn Care Tips For Your Dog


Autumn is the time when you have to use more antifreeze in your cars or clean up their radiators. Antifreeze is a poisonous toxin, albeit one with a sweet taste. The bad thing is that both dogs and cats love the taste of antifreeze.

Even less than a tablespoon could prove to be the cause of their demise. Hence, keep an eye on the antifreeze that you have in your home. At the same time, you must also be aware of your surroundings when you take your dog out for a walk.

Never allow them to drink any liquid outside that may have accumulated at a puddle in the street side. You never know – the car of your neighbor may have been leaking antifreeze on the road.

If you are suspicious that your dog has consumed the lethal liquid, make sure to take them to a vet immediately. The longer you leave them without treatment, the more harmful the poisoning can be. It could kill them as well. So, seeking early treatment is extremely crucial in these cases.

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Some mushrooms may have grown under your favorite tree, and they might look great. However, they could be immensely toxic for your dog. If they eat them, they can surely lose their lives—some dogs like tasting anything that catches their fancy.

Therefore, you must scour your yard and find out if there are any morsels of the deadly plant over there. You have to do this every day if your dog spends time in the yard on its own accord. If you take them out for walks to places where the mushrooms grow, you must watch them.

Watch all that they are exploring! If you are suspicious about what may have eaten a mushroom, head to the vet’s clinic immediately.

It does not matter as to how many mushrooms they may have eaten. Always take a sample of the mushroom they ate or take a picture at least. It would help the doctor decide if the mushroom can be dangerous for your dog or not.

Critters such as pests 

The fall is the season when many animals and pests are getting prepared for the winter. It is the time when ticks and fleas are at their height.

Insects such as wasps and hornets also tend to be aggressive at this time because they are getting ready for the winter. They remain frantic in this season. So, if your dog is extra curious and comes across them, there could be an incident or two.

Do you have a lot of trees in the area? If yes, it means there could be a lot of leaf cover. Now that could lead to the problem of snakes. Snakes like the safety that these moist and dark spaces provide. Just be careful about such threats while taking your dog out for a walk.

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Hazards surrounding the house 

It is not as if all hazardous substances in fall would exist outside your house. People, in general, tend to stay busy during the autumn months and hence it can create some dangerous situations within your home as well. For example, this is the holiday season which means that the house is full of sweets and candies.

They can be potentially dangerous for your pets. So always ensure that foods such as chocolate are never within your dog’s reach. Also, keep an eye out for decorative items in your home, especially when your little one fancies chewing things.

Fall is not only about dangers 

Usually, the autumn season would bring more than only hazards for your dog. The weather would be somewhat cooler. Thus, they would get more time for walking and playing. The days at this time are the nicest in the year. You can always take them to a park nearby and teach them a new trick.

You can bring over their friends and let them play a lot more than they do during summers and rains. You can treat them on the pumpkin, which is something that they can have without limits.


Autumn is the season when people relax and take it easy. There is a good chance that you may overlook the dangers that may befall your little one. It is okay to let your pup have some extra fun after the summer that can be so hot and long at times.

However, it is always important to take proper prevention from beforehand or be cautious about the perils. If something happens to them, such as being bitten by an animal or consuming something poisonous, you must take them straight away to the doctor. Do not delay in these cases.

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