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Dog love water

9 Funny Dogs Who Love Water

In the scorching heat of summers, swimming feels like heaven – Doesn’t it? So, why should humans have all the fun? Here are some funny dogs who love water too:

#1 Geared up and ready to swim 

I'm ready to swim


#2 Checking the water level

I love water Pomeranian


#3. Sunglasses are for girls…😜😎

Golden retriever

#4. Oops that fall 😂

Golden retriever puppy


#5. Sunbath 

Bull dog sunbath


#6. Wait… now, I’m ready for a click



#7. Just chilling out by the pool

Chilling out side by th epool


#8.  Am I cool or what?

I am cool dog


#9. Go crazy…

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