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Sunday , August 14 2022
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Interested in writing for us?

Here is a checklist that you need to follow for submitting content to us:

  1. The content should be unique and never published before.
  2. The category for which you’re writing must be mentioned before the topic name on top.
  3. Add relevant images or videos as per the content topic.
  4. Content should be divided into equally-sized paragraphs with proper sub-headings.
  5. Add your name, profile picture, social media profile links (Twitter, Google, Facebook etc.), email, along with a two-line bio at the end of the content piece.
  6. You can add maximum of one outbound link in your content. But the links should be relevant to the article and must lead to authority sites.


+Topic I should write about?

Check our website and our all-around categories to get an idea about what type of content we publish. We like engaging, true, practical, advisory and inspiring posts that can be helpful to our dog-loving audience. Don’t forget to support your content with relevant examples and references.

+Are you going to pay me?

No. The posts from your end will be considered as a free guest post. Our platform garners a huge pet-owning audience on a daily basis. Your articles are exposed to over 5 M dog-loving people (website and social media combined).

What you get?
A huge daily audience that loves to read about dogs! Your content gets exposed to over
10 million people over social media.

NOTE: The content for the free guest posts cannot be “products or services related, or promotional.” (Product, service-based and promotional articles fall under sponsored content). The “Do-follow” backlink in sponsored posts will be for lifetime.

With us, you get a huge pet-loving audience that appreciates good articles and is extremely passionate about dogs.

+Can I repost my submitted blog on my own site?

No. If we publish your content on DogExpress, we retain the rights to that content. Moreover, reposting the same content will only hurt your site due to duplicate content. However, you can share the published content from our site directly and add a do-follow link to our site giving due credit to our website as the premier platform for publishing dog-related information.

+How many words should I write?

Usually, we prefer 500+ words posts.

+How do I submit content?

You can save your content piece in “MS-Word” format and mail it to us on [email protected]

+Can I pitch my idea for the content topic before writing?

Of course, we would love to consider a draft.

+How many and what links can I put in the content?

We only allow one “no-follow” backlink in a free guest post. Please make sure that the included links are helpful and relevant for the readers. You can always link some of our own posts from the DogExpress site.

+Will you edit my article?

Yes, we reserve the right to edit and modify your article to make it SEO friendly, to enhance reader experience and to conform it to DogExpress publishing style.

+When will my content be published after I submit?

We will inform you via mail if your article gets approved for publication. You can expect to hear from us within a week. Approved content will be published within two-weeks, inclusive of any edits if required. But if the content isn’t accepted, you may or may not hear from us, depending on how packed our schedule is.

NOTE: Accepted articles will be edited for precision and concision. The content will be rewritten according to DogExpress content publishing guidelines. We might make significant changes in the article depending on the tone of the article.

We hope to receive your article soon!

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    DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to edit, modify, and reject a content piece based on online content publishing guidelines and DogExpress content sharing parameters.

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