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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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What do I need to know about owning golden retriever puppies

What do I need to know about owning golden retriever puppies?

When it comes to the USA (United States of America), three things are most popular – apple pie, golden retriever dogs, and football. These golden dogs are in plenty of households across the country. As far as the popularity rankings of the AKC (American Kennel Club) are concerned, they rank at the third spot.

It is thus not that surprising to find images of puppies of this particular breed on so many calendars and such other publications like posters and greeting cards, to name a few.

To many people, they represent the highest level of canine cuteness. These dogs might be popular in the country, but they did not originate there.

Historical records suggest in the mid-1800s, Lord Tweedmouth bred and raised golden retriever puppies at his estate in Scotland. He created them by crossing his yellow retriever – a Tweed Water Spaniel – a Bloodhound, and an Irish setter.

Unfortunately, the Tweed Water Spaniels are now extinct. Then he trained them in such a way they could hunt outdoors. The thing with these dogs is that they are highly renowned. It can be gauged from the fact that a couple of presidents of the United States owned them as pets.

The one owned by President Ford was named Liberty, while President Reagan named his retriever Victory.

cute golden retriever

Few things to know about golden retriever puppies 

These retriever dogs are America’s sweetheart. It should give you some indication of how popular they happen to be in the country. They are loyal and playful and remain as they were as puppies in their adulthood.

These pups might be friendly but need a sufficient amount of socialization. Apart from knowing the golden retriever price, there are a few other things to know about.

The males weigh between 65 and 70 pounds, and the females weigh between 55 and 65 pounds. At the shoulder, they can reach heights between 21.5 and 24 inches. As a breed, they are not clumsy at all. They are strong and highly active. It is one more reason you should love a golden retriever dog.

They have long thick golden coats built sturdy golden retrievers are the dream dog breed for most Americans. In terms of temperament, they always love to play.

They especially love to play fetch and are inborn swimmers. Given a chance, golden retrievers would like to catch a waterfowl or two. As we have said already, the energy they have as pups are maintained well into adulthood.

They shed moderately, and they do so rather frequently. It helps that their coats can repel water. An occasional bath should be good enough for them.

Between seven weeks and four months, you need to expose your pup to various situations and people so that they can develop exceptional social skills. You can train them with ease based on rewards. They look to please people.

Golden retrievers are a sporting breed and hence need exercise. They love running and hiking. They love bike rides too. They usually have an average lifespan of 10-12 years.

golden retriever

Are you the right human for a golden retriever?

You might want a cute golden retriever, but are you the right person to have such wonderful individuals in your life. This is something that you must ask yourself before you even decide to get one. The thing with golden retrievers is that they have proven their mettle as a family dog.

They love to swim, and their joy is doubled when they get to do so with you – their humans. Just as enjoyable to them is playing and running in a backyard that would be better the bigger. They are immensely social.

They would do well in households where they get a lot of space and plenty of people. They need a lot of snuggles and oodles of love. Since these dogs were bred hunters, they love playing fetch. They are also easy to train since they are looking to please you.

They are just as good with kids as they are with senior citizens. They always enjoy it when they have a lot of companions. Despite being as active as they are, they gel well with retired people who have a lot of people to spare from them.

golden retriever puppy price

Getting these puppies

Before you get golden retrievers, it is significant to know the golden retriever puppy price. Even more important than knowing the price is to do proper research. Adoption is always an effective way to go about getting them.

The AKC reports of rescued golden retrievers the owners gave them up because they were either not a good fit for them or because their new lifestyle meant they could not make space for the pup.

There would be no shortage of pups and dogs looking for a forever home. The main difference between breeders and rescue centers is in the latter, you would not get pups to choose from. The good thing is that you would get a neutered or spayed dog fitted with a microchip.

If you want to buy one from a breeder, you need to make sure that you do your research properly about the breeder. Steer clear of the puppy mills that have scammed plenty of people and continue to pose as reputable breeders.

Before choosing any pup, it is better to be careful as you can be. Get across to various online forums where you can talk about these issues. Ask as many questions as you have. Meet the parents of your pup before you adopt them.

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