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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Pet Sitting Tips That You Must Take A Note Of

Pet Sitting Tips That You Must Take A Note Of

You may love your dog more than yourself, but that does not mean that you would be able to take them everywhere you go. Hence, your dog also needs to learn how to stay alone. Your dogs may spend that time in the company of other dogs in a boarding kennel or alone in their homes.

At times, your dog could be happiest to spend much time at home since they are in a familiar environment and surrounded by familiar smells. A great alternative to taking care of your little one is to have someone else sit them at home while you are away.

If your dog is at home with a professional and caring trainer, it can take the stress away for both of you. If you want to ensure that your baby has a good time with the pet sitter – one that is full of fun, comfort, and stress-free – there are a few tips you need to follow. This way, you, your home, and, most significant of all, your furball would be ready for the house sitting.

Discussing the schedule of your pet 

Does your baby visit the washroom as soon as they wake up? Do they bark if not taken out for a walk at a particular time of the day? Naturally, your dog sitter would want to be informed about all these matters.

So, you have to create a complete schedule for your baby along with the meal times, playtime, potty breaks, and walking routine.

Mention the time when they take a nap. This way, the pet sitter would have a routine they would adhere to. If this routine is maintained, your pup will be comfortable even when you are not around.

Keeping the goodbye quick and short

Never make a goodbye emotional and long one. Never drag the dog. Just a quick hug and leave. All the kisses and emotional goodbyes can make your baby anxious.

If you leave your dogs in an emotional state, the separation anxiety will be worse. Just give them the same farewell when you leave home for a short while.

Calming your dog’s anxiety 

It is a crucial part of the process for sure!

If a dog is tired, they are calm. So, before you leave, you can take the dogs on a quick walk or have some exercise in some other way. It will divert their attention, and thus the dogs will focus more on sleep and food. After exercising, you can reward them with some water and food.

This way, when they are resting, you can leave without making any fuss at all. Keep their toys and treats around the house. This way, your dog can access them and stay preoccupied even when you are not there with them for the time being.

If your dog is calm, they would not feel the separation anxiety as much as they would have felt otherwise. So, as we have said already, never make a big deal when you return or leave.

This way, you would be able to teach them that the time you spend apart from each other – and the pet sitting – is a usual thing in life.

Keep all their essentials at a place where they are easy to find 

It includes items such as a leash, medicines, and a collar. Keep them at a spot that is easy for your pet sitter to find.

They must not have to search long and hard to find such items – they should be able to find them with ease and in a short time.

Holding a meet and greet session before the big day

The best way to make sure that your little one gets familiar with the sitter is by getting both of them to meet and greet each other before the day the sitter finally starts their work. It will ensure your dog is not as anxious or uncomfortable as it may have been.

So, the next time they meet the sitter, the interaction is better. It helps the pet sitter understand how your dog is as an individual and get ready with that information. With the meet and greet session, the pet sitters can earn the faith of your munchkin’.

Mentioning the non-negotiable aspects of the job

You love your dog to death, but there are also some rules and regulations that you follow them. Right? Perhaps you may not allow them to have any treats after 10 pm.

Perhaps you do not allow them to play on the bed or the sofas. Make sure that the pet sitter knows all these rules as well so that they can follow them as well.

What should the pet sitters do?

A part of the responsibility falls on the pet sitters, and hence the sitters need to do a few things to hold up their end of the bargain. First, they need to be knowledgeable and responsible.

They meet the dog and their family before they take the job. They must follow the proper schedule and be compassionate. Finally, if the pet sitters are sitting the pet at their home, they must pet-proof the same.


If you need a professional pet sitter, you need not worry about where you can get them. These days, you will come across plenty of companies that offer such professionals on hire.

These expert professionals can take care of everything, from feeding to playtime. You can be sure they will keep your baby happy and entertained.

This way, you can go to work, secure in the knowledge that your baby is in caring hands and safe.

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