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Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Nerul Female Dog Rape Accused sent to Taloja Jail

The 65-year-old man, who was arrested on Sunday from Nerul railway station complex on charge of raping a dog, has now been remanded to judicial custody and sent to Taloja jail.

Nerul police said that the accused, Mahendra D Pawar, was arrested under the IPC Section 377 and the relevant sections of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. He will remain in Taloja jail until the next court hearing.

Activist Vijay Rangare of People for Animals (PFA, Mumbai Unit-2), said, “We are satisfied with the latest development of the accused being sent to judicial custody.

We also submitted all the electronic evidence in the form of CCTV footage from the Nerul station complex, and other corroborative statements of the local people, in order to make this animal cruelty case watertight. Eventually, we are sure to get a conviction of the accused man, so that it serves as a deterrent in the society to stop such sexual abuse of animals.”

He further informed, “Our PFA team members were inquiring for nearly a week at the Nerul station (west side) to identify and trace the man who was seen in a CCTV footage raping a female dog. Finally, on Sunday, we were tipped off that the accused was present at the site, and thereby successfully arrested.”

The female victim dog was taken to the Parel-based animal hospital for a medical examination.

The accused man is a daily wage worker who used to sleep within the station complex at night. He used to take advantage of the friendly and meek nature of a female dog at the site to abuse her late at night. This crime was caught on CCTV and first noticed by a computer technician, who later informed animal activists.

Another city activist, Arati Chauhan, stated, “Criminals who commit such heinous crimes against animals must get the strictest of jail terms. I also want to urge all housing societies to take care and feed local community dogs and cats. They shouldn’t be thrown out of the societies, as this makes the animals vulnerable to attack from drug addicts and other perverts.”

Source: Times Of India

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