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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Mysterious Deaths of Stray Dogs in Mohali

Mystery shrouds deaths of stray dogs in Mohali. In the past four days, the municipal corporation workers have picked up seven dead dogs from Sector 69.

Though two of the seven died due to road accidents, five others were found dead in parks, said an MC employee.

A resident of Sector 69 said, “From the past four days, I have been finding a dog dead in my locality every morning. The sanitation workers, who come to pick up the dead dogs, said they have picked three to four more dog carcasses from other parts of the area. On Thursday, too, I found a dog dead under mysterious circumstances in the area park. I have lodged a complaint with police, seeking an FIR against unknown persons for the death of dogs.”

When she asked a veterinary doctor to conduct the postmortem of a dead dog, he said he could not proceed till an FIR was lodged and he was directed by the police or the municipal corporation to carry out the autopsy, she added.

When the matter was taken up with MC commissioner Kamal Kumar Garg, he deputed the health and sanitation in-charge to conduct a thorough check of the spot and get the postmortem of the dead dog conducted to established the cause of death.

“We will establish the cause of stray dogs’ death before jumping to any conclusion. It will be ensured that their bodies are disposed of properly,” Garg added.

Source: Timesofindia

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