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Sunday , January 23 2022
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Enjoying Working From Home With Your Dog

Enjoying Working From Home With Your Dog

Playing with your dog, cuddling him, training him, taking out for walks are all part of the duties of any dog owner. He enjoys doing so, as he is a dog lover and the dog too loves it, as he is spending time with his beloved master but, have you ever imagined how the poor dog must have felt when his owner used to leave him home and leave for work?

The dog would be longing to see him for the entire day until he is back home in the evening. That, to be honest, is a terrible feeling from the perspective of the dog. And this has been going on in almost every household with a dog across the globe.

But since March 2020, the situation across the globe started to change due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Today, more than half of the global working population is working from home. It is a crucial step to stop spreading the virus. As a result, the canines at the respective homes are having a gala time.

Now they get to see and be with their owner throughout the day than never before. However, one must ensure that the work for the day has to be completed, and their furry friend must get the due attention as well. Dog needs are to be taken care of as well. If you want a perfect balance of both, here are a few tips given below that would be useful for everyone.

Creating and sticking to a work schedule

Working from home with a dog may have adverse effects if you are constantly on your laptop, replying to your emails and texts throughout the day. First of all, set your clear limits if you need to work on the perfect balance. Talk with your team members and boss to prepare a fixed schedule. Many bosses act like strict taskmasters and may ask you the reason for a definite work schedule.

Tell the truth that your dog needs your time too. Dogs indeed need their share of daily exercise. Their level of exercise depends on factors like their breed, size, age, health, and fitness levels. A dog requiring more exercise means that the owner would need to invest more time in him.

Apart from the workouts and walks, ensure you set him free off the leash so that he learns the art of jumping and sprinting, and also develop the habit of reaching out to the flying Frisbees or other toys that you throw at him. As for your general breaks from work, take short breaks.

It will help you spend more time with your pooch and allow you to breathe some fresh air as well. Short breaks are an ideal time to train your pups on all aspects, including behavior. Talking about behavior, ensure that your dog behaves well when a delivery person or a postal man comes to your door. They tend to get a little aggressive, especially when not trained enough.

Reaching for higher ground

As true dog lovers, one must consider this ongoing trend of work from home as an opportunity to work on their dog’s health from every perspective. People with dogs in their homes with that this trend never ends as they are spending a lot of quality time with their furry friends, and, thus naturally, they are loving it.

And talking about this trend, this will indeed keep rising. Now, not that we do not want to see the virus is removed from the face of the earth completely one day, but for the fact that companies gain more if employees do the work sitting at home. Working from home will improve your dogs’ health in the long run.

Although there are some investments to make as well. Certain devices are used to track the activity levels, distance walked, calories burnt, overall health, and behavior. This device mentioned above is a collar fitted with some mechanism fitted inside. It makes a record of the activities.

The collar is to be synchronized with the app. Hence, you need to install it beforehand. The app gives you a clear picture of how your dog is performing, both health-wise and mentally. By seeing the data mentioned on the app, you can set specific goals on which areas to work harder for your dog.

The app will show specific goals your dog needs to reach, as per his age, breed, size, and fitness level. The app is known as FitBark. Follow the app as far as the difficulty level in training is concerned. But, you know your dog better than any app. If you feel your dog cant keep up with the required level of training, you should never force him to do so.

It may have adverse effects on his health. A method of adding some extra cardio for your young and healthy dogs is to build a DIY agility course, preferably in your backyard.

Giving your dog some ‘Me Time

You may give time to your dog, play with him, take him out on walks, supervise his exercise and do everything essential for his mind and physical well-being. Dogs, like we humans, like to enjoy their share of ‘Me Time.

Allow them to be on their own for some time during the day. Give them their toys, and they will be happy to play with them, all by themselves. It has proven to add to the mental health of dogs.

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