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Wednesday , May 24 2023
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Difference between French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

French Bulldog Vs. Boston Terrier

With animated personalities, lovable squished-up faces, and velvety radar ears, these dog breeds boast of their style in their individualistic way. The Boston terrier is the ‘American gentleman’, and the French bulldog is known as ‘Frenchie’.

These dogs are popular, mascots, and favorites of celebrities. It becomes a challenge to choose if they sport a dual image of white and black tuxedos, which means they are walking together.

Temperament differences

Do not expect the terrier to greet you every morning with a smile and wagging tail because he prefers to be on the couch as much as we do.

One vital thing to be kept in mind is that Boston terriers need a lot of mental stimulation. It means he will be much happier and more active if you offer puzzle toys, tricks, and various kinds of physical activities.

Reinforcers help establish bonds, thus making training more rewarding. The bulldog might test your patience level more during the positive reinforcement training as this dog is slightly naughty.

He will do whatever you like if you give him a nice belly rub, but there is no taking away the fact that he is a ‘free thinker’.

Differences in age, size, and appearance bulldog-french

You might not need a magnifying glass, but you will need to have a close look to understand the differences, like a mere few inches or kilograms separating the two dogs. Undoubtedly the Boston terrier’s perky ears look as though they can transmit signals from the satellite.

On the other hand, people generally love the ‘bat ears’ of the French bulldog, which are bigger and rounder when compared to the terrier.

The Boston terrier is slimmer and taller, standing at seventeen inches. Whereas the French bulldog is stockier and shorter, going up to a height of a maximum of 13 inches.

The bulldog is heavier than the terrier, which means that picking up the terrier is easier as compared to the bulldog. The lifespan of the terrier is eleven to thirteen years, and the French bulldog is ten to twelve years.

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One of the most noticeable differences between a French bulldog and a Boston terrier is their coat colors. While both breeds are usually black and white, a terrier is likely to be bi-colored with an even distribution of white and probably chocolate, liver, and seal. Plus, he will always have a white stripe between his eyes.

A bulldog may be bi-colored in these shades but will often switch it up a bit with a solid coat, a black mask, or a big patch of an alternative color across his chest.

However, both puppies will give you an adoring gaze with their wide mocha-colored eyes, making them quite irresistible and making them worthy of a box of treats.


In the health category, you will see a few similarities. Take, for example, both are prone to various eye problems. Apart from this, Boston terriers and French bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds. It means they are often prone to respiratory diseases and breathing issues.

As per dog experts, since both dogs are flat-faced, they are at a high risk of obstruction in their ventilation channels, and at times it is better to get the surgery done for better respiratory health.

Brachycephalic dogs have breathing problems in an aircraft. Therefore, you should arrange for a professional pet sitter during the travel.

If possible, travel by road where the dog can safely and freely breathe. Heat and exercise together should be avoided at all costs for the French bulldog and the Boston terrier.

This combination makes it difficult to breathe, which could affect their health. Also, special care must be ensured on days when it gets hotter.

Both these dogs are prone to overheating. And if you live in a hot climate region, it is best to leave them at home, preferably in an air-conditioned room, and not take them out for a stroll. But that does not mean that you can never take your furry friend out on a walk.

The best time to take him out would be early morning or after sundown when the temperature is mild and pleasant. You can also find other ways to keep your dog cool.

Get him a chilled bed or make a cooled dog house for him, and so on. But ensure your dog does not get heated, as it will immensely affect his health.

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Which one of the two would be more suitable for you?boston-terrier

Both dogs are great pet buddies and hence perfect for a family. However, if you are looking to adopt one, the following points would help make your choice. You might prefer a Boston terrier if you are:

  • Able to accept his sense of freedom and intelligence that provide a safe environment with plenty of enrichment opportunities.
  • Excited to have an active four-legged playmate great with kids,
  • Ensuring that he has people to play with, exercise, and not left alone for long. This dog loves being with his people around.

You might prefer a French bulldog if you:

  • Can provide a patient balance of early socialization and training – along with quality to laugh when he veers off track.
  • You need the perfect cuddly and homely dog for yourself.
  • Cleaning up the saliva from various things in your house is not a big issue for you.

To sum it up, both are adorable and homely pets with minute differences. Now, it is up to you to decide which one would suit your family the best.

French Bulldog & Boston Terrier Cost

  • French Bulldog: $1,500 to $3,000
  • Boston Terrier: $1000 to $2000
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