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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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They are susceptible to certain health issues

Dalmatian Puppies: Facts To Know

Dalmatian puppies are lovable and friendly dog breeds that more and more people choose to adopt. The dog with a short white coat and black spots looks adorable and distinct.

Occasionally, you may also come across a long haired Dalmatian. They are all purebred Dalmatians that are very intelligent and easy to raise.

If you are planning to have a Dalmatian, you will also find the following information about this dog breed interesting.

Dalmatian puppies
Source: Opac.gdctral.ac.in

About the Dalmatian

Dalmatians are one of the loveliest and friendliest dogs with their distinctive spotted coat. The average height of this breed is 19 to 24 inches at the shoulder. The weight of an adult dog is about 45-70 pounds and the average lifespan is 11 to 13 years.

Perhaps thanks to their hyperactive and energetic nature, the Dalmatians are muscular and powerful with great stamina. It is because of this trait that they were originally bred and trained to guard horses and chariots. 

However, they are always faithful to their owners and never display aggression.

10 Surprising facts about Dalmatian Puppies

1. They are born spot-free

When you see newborn Dalmatians, you probably will not recognize them because they are born without spots. That is because their spots only start developing when they are 3-4 months old.

After this period, the number of spots on their body rarely changes, however, some new spots may appear during their lives.

2. They are incredibly active

They are incredibly active
Source: Unsplash.com

These dogs have a high level of energy and need a lot of exercises.

So, you need to let them exercise for at least 2 hours a day, divided into 2 times. And it would be best if you could leave them off the lead in a safe place. By doing this, you can keep their brain stimulated and healthy.

3. They are more prone to deafness

Compared to other species, the Dalmatians are more susceptible to deafness. It is estimated that the rate of Dalmatians suffering from hearing loss accounts for 15-30% of the population.

This is attributed to the unique patterning in the breed. To be more precise, hearing problems are connected to the same gene that generates the spots. 

As a result, there are fewer melanin-producing cells in the ear, which are necessary for optimal ear development and function.

4. They are more suitable for older children

Although the Dalmatians are very outgoing and friendly, it is more suitable to let them play with older children. Because of their high level of energy, they can accidentally cause small children to fall and get injured. 

So, if there are young children and vulnerable adults in your home, you need to keep an eye on these dogs.

5. They are great shedders

Although the Dalmatians have short coats, they shed all year round, especially in spring and fall. 

So, if you are always worried about cleanliness and tidiness in your house or if your family members are allergic to dog fur, then this dog breed is not for you.

6. They are susceptible to certain health issues

They are susceptible to certain health issues
Source: Unsplash.com

Some common ailments among dalmatians are atopy, epilepsy, deafness, urinary conditions, and hip dysplasia.

Buying from a reputable breeder is a fantastic approach to keep your dog safe from these diseases. Also, do not forget to ask about the health history of the parent dogs.

7. They cost you to care for

According to PSDA, in addition to the initial purchase cost and setup costs including vaccines, castration, and equipment, each owner has to spend at least 145 dollars per month on a Dalmatian.

So, to raise a dog of this type from a young age until it dies, you need to spend a total of more than 23,000 dollars (including food, accessories, prevention healthcare, and dog insurance).

8. They are friendly to other dogs

These dogs are also known to get on well with other dogs, provided that they have been properly socialized. They aren’t hostile by nature. So, they will be able to build their amiable disposition by having many favorable experiences with other mutts right from their early ages.

The Dalmatians are also friendly to other pets too. Smaller pets, on the other hand, should be introduced slowly to these dogs with constant supervision.

9. They don’t like being left alone

This breed is suitable for households where there is always someone at home for most of the day. Or at least you need to make sure they are not left alone for more than 4 hours.

That is because these dogs are susceptible to suffering from separation anxiety. Therefore, you need to train them to be alone for short periods just in case.

10. They can be rehomed

These dogs can be rehomed and there are lots of centers that specialize in this breed.

If you decide to take a Dalmatian from a center, you should always ask about the dog’s history to make sure it is suitable for your family. Reputable centers always neuter dogs, run home checks, and inform you about the health and personality of the dogs you buy.

How much do Dalmatian puppies cost?

The cost of purchasing a Dalmatian range from $300 to $3,000 depending on where you buy it and where it is bred. However, the average cost of buying from a reputable breeder is $900.

If you want to pay lower fees, you can pick one from an animal shelter in your local area. Some shelters even only charge a shelter fee or basic cost for a dog.

Final words

And those are 10 interesting things about Dalmatians. You can learn more about this breed at Thanesix.com. Now, would you like to own one right now, and what do you like best about this dog? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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