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Saturday , August 13 2022
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Brain tumors in dogs – All you wanted to know about them

Brain tumors in dogs – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Being a pet parent is not easy. While the joys of being around your pup are unparalleled, knowing that your pet has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease can be heartbreaking. Today, we will be talking about a severe disease among dogs – i.e. brain tumors. Yes.

If informed by your vet that your dog has a brain tumor, it must be a heart-wrenching situation for you. However, no matter how emotionally difficult it is for you, you should gather yourself and acquaint yourself with all the treatment options available for your dog.

Today, in the post, we will let you know the treatment options and various other aspects of brain tumors in dogs – causes, signs, and life expectancy. Read on to explore.

A Brief Overview of Brain Cancer in Dogs

Before delving into the causes of a brain tumor in dogs, let us find out what brain tumors are. Now, multiple areas of your dog’s brain can be affected. The commonest among them are:

  • meninges (tissues surrounding the brain)
  • choroid plexus (in charge of creating spinal fluid)
  • the brain stem (responsible for chewing)

Meningiomas and gliomas make up roughly around 85% of all brain cancers among dogs. While meningiomas impact the tissues surrounding the brain, gliomas create an impact on the brain itself.

As scary as it is to read about brain cancers in dogs, do let us tell you that not all brain cancers among dogs are malignant. 50% of meningiomas are benign, implying that they do not spread! That is a huge source of relief! Is it not so?

Causes of Brain tumors in dogs

Now that you know what the brain tumors in dogs are, let us focus on the causes behind the same. In this regard, as a pet parent, the only thing that you should know is that there are two types of brain tumors that dogs suffer from:

  • Primary brain tumor: The main source of cancer is the brain itself. It means that cancer has originated in the brain itself.
  • Secondary brain tumor: Cancer does not originate in the brain. It originates in some other part of the brain and spreads to the brain.

Usually, the larger breed dogs like Boxers and Golden Retrievers are commonly affected by a brain tumor. Or else, if your dog is more than five years old, you should be careful as well.

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Signs and symptoms of Brain tumors in dogs

As a pet parent, you should keep educating yourself about the sign of brain tumors in dogs. The earlier you track these signs and get your pet checked by a vet, the earlier the treatment starts (if treatment is needed).

As they say, being forewarned is forearmed:

Has your dog lately started bumping into doors? It might have to do with his vision! Be alarmed! Get him checked immediately! Listed below are other common symptoms:

  • weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • trouble walking
  • trouble staying balanced
  • constant pacing
  • head tilt

Life expectancy in Dog Brain tumor

The bad news is, that if cancer is malignant or aggressive, you cannot expect your dog to live long. Depending on the severity of malignancy, your dog might end up living for a few months. The brain is indeed a difficult place to treat.

You name any form of traditional treatment whether, chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation, you cannot seek a cure in them. Many pet parents today are turning to natural treatment. It ensures holistic relief for their fur babies.

Brain tumors in dogs – Can your dog get treated naturally?

As already stated, many pet parents seek natural treatment for brain tumors in dogs. Today, when you look up online, you might find clinics catering healthcare needs of your pet through natural and alternative means. And yes, they even have devised all-natural cancer products promoting holistic healing.

These products can be used both in the short and long-term, complementing traditional treatment that your dog is already undergoing. They can bolster the immune system with their anti-tumor properties. A better immune system is known to help dogs fight cancer better. Read up more about them to be sure of their efficacy.


Hopefully, this primer has been helpful for you. We tried to reach those pet parents whose babies have brain tumors. If all this while, you did not know that natural treatments can be a safe and effective recourse, hopefully now you are duly informed. Even if your dog is not affected, it is prudent to be aware of the early signs of brain tumors.

If you are considering natural healing options for your dog suffering from a brain tumor, be sure that the products or practitioners whose services you are settling for have garnered positive reviews in the market. Conduct a thorough background check before you choose to trust them.

When it comes to your beloved pet’s health, there should never be any compromises ever. We would suggest as a responsible pet parent keep perusing more informative articles like this one to stay informed. No matter how difficult a journey is – our access to accurate information about ways to fight the challenges at hand can turn out to be helpful.

For instance, many pet parents do not know that natural treatment options effectively heal brain tumors. And, even if they know, they do not trust natural healing completely. The more you read and consume information, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision for your pup’s health!

So, best of luck!

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