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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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200 Dogs To Be Rescued From A South Korea Slaughter House

On 13th February 2019, a rescue operation was started to save around 200 dogs in South Korea from going to the slaughterhouse for dog meat pupose.

With a global outrage from dog lovers and pressure from varied agencies and organizations, South Korea has started taking steps to end the custom killing of dogs for meat.

Dog meat was once termed as “summertime delicacy” among the locals in South Korea, but now the tradition of killing dogs for meat is receiving flak from young South Koreans who have embraced the idea of dogs as pets and not as livestock.

Rescue Operation by HSI

A two-week rescue operation by HSI (Humane Society International) that started yesterday is going to save over 200 dogs from a dog farm in Hongseong county.

These dogs will be sent to Canada and the United States of America for foster, adoption and eventually help them find forever homes.

“These dogs are no different from any other dogs once they receive some tender loving care that they deserve and that they need,” Ms Kelly O’Meara, said an HSI official.

HSI Efforts

This farm is the 14th complex that has been shut down by the group since 2015. HSI has managed to rescue over 1,600 dogs during past 4 years and provided support to the farmers to move onto other lines of work. One such slaughter house complex was turned from a dog meat farm in to a blueberry farm.

A recent survey shows that 70% of South Koreans have stopped eating dog meet and around 40% believed that the practice of dog killing for meat should be banned.

Largest Slaughter House Dismantled

The country’s largest canine slaughterhouse in Seongnam city, was dismantled in November by the HSI. Activists found the dogs in deplorable conditions. They found electrocution equipment and dead dogs piled up on the floor. However, there are still no laws on how to treat or slaughter dogs for meat in South Korea.

While farmers are pushing to include dogs under livestock similar to cows, chickens and pigs etc., activists groups oppose and seek complete abolition of canine killing practice for meat purpose.

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