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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Woman finds her lost dog in Pennsylvania Shelter after 2 years

Woman finds her lost dog in Pennsylvania Shelter after 2 years

A Pennsylvania woman had a sweet yet dramatic reunion with her lost after over two years apart.

Aisha Nieves from Allentown, Pennsylvania, was recently searching to adopt a pup for her two sons and decided to look at the Lehigh County Humane Society’s (LCHS) adoption webpage. She immediately noticed that a tan pit bull-Rottweiler mix-up for adoption at the shelter was the same beloved dog she lost a year ago.

In an interview, Aisha said, “Wait, that can’t be him. Then, I saw the little scar over one eye, the scar from when he got caught in a gate, and I was like, ‘Oh  my God, that’s my baby, that’s Kovu!”

Aisha first adopted Kovu, who the LCHS listed on their adoption website as “Ash,” when the canine was just 7 weeks old. Kovu lived with her until he went missing in May 2019. After a few weeks, he was found by the LCHS in a bad health.

Deirdre Snyder, LCHS director of development said, “He needed to be treated for fleas, was missing hair on his hind end and had inflammation. Kovu was treated with antibiotics and bathed with a special medical shampoo. He was in the out shelter for about four months and then adopted out to a family on Oct. 25, 2019.”

Kovu returned to the shelter earlier this month because the family who adopted him was on the verge of eviction. After Aisha saw her lost dog online, she immediately called the shelter to verify that she was the original owner and wanted to reunite with the pup.

When asked Aisha about the reunion, the Morning Call writes, “He was screaming, trying to get away from the guy holding him and run to me. Then, he just jumped on me, and we started kissing and hugging. He sat on my lap. I told him, “Yeah, buddy, you’re going home. I am sorry this happened. Never again am I losing you.” After the emotional reunion, Kovi is now at home with Aisha and her family, looking forward to celebrating his seventh birthday this winter.

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