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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Woman Beats Dog To Death In Mumbai

Another shocking incident of animal cruelty was reported from Vakola in Mumbai. A woman (homemaker) allegedly beat a dog to death with a cloth washing bat. A case has been registered by the police against the accused woman.

What happened?

A dog named Macho, reportedly vomited outside the door of the woman as it wasn’t feeling well. The homemaker couldn’t control the rage and in anger bludgeoned the dog with a washing bat. The dog succumbed to its injuries.

The incident took place in the D’Mello Compound near Vakola Bridge, Santacruz (east). A resident of the Vakola chawl named Vandana Jadhav told that the dog was very friendly and everyone in the neighborhood used to feed the dog and take care of him. Even though Macho was a stray dog, he was loved by the people in the chawl. She saw the dog roaming around the area, when her neighbor Vidya Lodh (the accused) came running towards macho with a washing bat. She hit the dog brutally. When Vandana tried to intervene, Vidya threatened her and commented whether the dog was her husband, and is that why she is trying to protect her. Vidya tried to justify by saying that the dog vomited outside her door and deserved to be beaten.

Vandana found the dog later as it was vomiting blood and crying in pain. She applied antiseptic on the wounds and took the dog to a veterinary hospital in Parel. The doctors at the hospital examined the dog and concluded that the dog was suffering from massive internal injuries and couldn’t be saved.

The police has registered a case against Vidya Lodh under section 489 for mischief by killing an animal of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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