Why Should You Let Your Employees Bring Dogs To The Office?
Thursday , July 18 2024
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Why Should You Let Your Employees Bring Their Dogs To The Office

Why Should You Let Your Employees Bring Their Dogs To The Office?

Over 8% of companies in the USA (United States of America) now allow their employees to take their dogs to the office. Well, the dog-friendly workstation is undoubtedly a positive step towards improving the workers’ mental health while building better coordination and a sense of community in the workplace.

The trend is gaining momentum across the globe. Today, companies that permit pets in their work include the names of prominent companies dealing in different sectors, from software and technology to beauty parlors and hotels.

The list has popular names in the business world, such as Google, which started the trend sometime back, and this has now permeated to other companies and business sectors! However, one wonders if this movement is so that the companies making such allowances can look fabulous.

Are they doing it so that they can attract millennials as employees? Is it beneficial for the workers and the companies at large?

Dogs encourage positive interaction

What Are The Benefits Of Dogs In The Workplace

Pets such as dogs could bring colleagues together – otherwise, there is a distinct possibility that they may not have interacted with each other as much. Because whenever you stop by someone’s desk and pet their dog, it invariably leads to a conversation with the dog’s parent.

Dogs are notable entertainers and can lighten the space they are in. Hence, they can add to the workplace spirit by adding a calming effect throughout.

Amazon is one organization where 4000 dogs have been registered at the Seattle headquarters, and the people working there understand this far better than most in the world. They say their dogs are the reason they know some of their co-workers.

Some opine that their dogs are more social than they are, and they act as the perfect icebreakers. They significantly boost the employees’ morale while allowing people to take walking breaks that reduce work-related stress and positively affect health and collaboration.

Dogs promote breaks 

Studies show that if you take frequent and short breaks from your work, you will be more productive and have more stamina than people who do not do so.

When you have your dog in your office, you have reasons to take frequent mental and physical breaks from your work. You can take your furball outside the office to get some fresh air which you may not do otherwise.

Dogs help relieve stress

International Journal of Workplace Health Management recently did a study where it was found that people who brought their dogs to work with them had lower levels of hormonal stress across the day.

They were reported to have experienced greater levels of job satisfaction. They had a more positive perception of their employers too!

People working at companies where dogs are allowed on all workdays say that having a dog at the office helps everyone decompress to some extent, and they also feel less stressed. After all, it is hard to feel excited and worked up when you have such sweet faces staring at you.

Today, many companies encourage their employees to bring their dogs to work. Because it is practically more enjoyable and creates a healthy working environment. Many companies have seen positive results where their reports have shown a remarkable increase in cohesion and collaboration among the employees.

It also has soothing effects on your mind, reducing blood pressure and stress levels, thus making employees more productive and cordial.

Benefits Of Dogs In The Workplace

Dogs make you more productive

Employees of companies where the policies are pet friendly tend to work for longer hours. They also take fewer leaves of absence because they do not need to do so to stay with their little ones when they are sick or to rush home so that they can walk them.

It is another reason why companies such as Google have gone to the extent of including dogs in their official codes of conduct. They are also permitting supervised dogs to be brought to workplaces.

This is especially helpful because they often need their employees to stay at the office longer.

Dogs make you more loyal to your employers

Offering employees pet-friendly environments enables companies to find economical ways to add benefits making the former more loyal to the latter.

PAWrometer (Pets at Work barometer) did a survey where it was found that 53% of employees working in companies where pets are not allowed are likelier to stick with the same organization provided they allowed them to bring their pets to the workplace.

Companies such as Build-A-Bear know this well. Hence, they have taken that extra step of throwing parties to celebrate the pups’ birthdays.

They also offer a service whereby the dogs can be taken for a spa day with day camp and grooming. When you think of spoiling your employees and their pets, it does not get much better than this!

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy in The Workplace

Dogs assist you with mental health

In a study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, it is said that owning a dog can help you recover from mental illnesses of serious nature. Organizations such as GoDaddy have pet-friendly rules and regulations.

This web hosting and domain organization uses dogs as parts of its resources to assist employees in better care of their mental health. This is a good way of legitimizing puppies running around the space and pleasing everyone.

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Allowing dogs in the workplace improves the company’s image

When you allow your employees to bring their dogs to the workplace, you also portray a better image for your organization in the eyes of your customers, as per the dog experts. In most cases, customers respond positively when given a chance to interact with an employee’s dog.

It also helps them relax and enjoy the experience of visiting your business. When you have pets in the office, it softens your image and makes you appear more forward-thinking and progressive, according to the experts.

It helps you attract the best talents

It is common knowledge that benefits, and perks are significant to attracting the best recruits to your office. So, if you allow dogs into your office, it would attract the best professionals who are dog lovers as well!

They would be elated at the prospect of being able to bring their little ones to the office with them. It could mean they would be keener to stick with you for an extended period.


Making sure that dogs are ready for the workplace

Remember that despite so many benefits, allowing your employees to bring their dogs to work may not be feasible. So, if you want to make such allowances consider a few factors. No dog with aggressive tendencies should be allowed in the workplace. The same goes for ones with health issues.

A way in which an organization can make sure that this is the case is by making precise rules regarding what is and what is not allowed in a pet-friendly office space.

An example is the three-step questionnaire that Nestle has instituted for the dogs’ habits. It also conducts a health check and a couple of behavior assessments by independent dog specialists. You can also make your employees sign agreements in these cases.

If you want to create a space for employees and their pets, you weigh all the pros and cons to decide what is right and what is not.

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Remember that not everyone working in your office might like dogs. They might be allergic to them or do not welcome being surrounded by them. Some companies have arranged separate dog-friendly spaces in their offices to deal with such situations.

For example, Salesforce has a designated communal room where a maximum of six employees can reserve desks and bring their dogs with them.

These rooms have all that dogs and their parents may need. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • water bowls
  • padded cages
  • dog beds
  • cleaning wipes

These rooms are soundproof that guaranteeing everyone has peace of mind while working. Dogs need to be comfortable in the space. Hence, you can consider all the points to let your employees bring their dogs to the office.


Q: Why should we consider allowing employees to bring their dogs to the office?

A: Allowing dogs in the office can boost employee morale, reduce stress, and create a positive and welcoming work environment.

Q: Are there any productivity benefits associated with having dogs in the office?

A: Studies have shown that having dogs in the office can increase employee productivity and collaboration and enhance overall job satisfaction.

Q: What steps should we take to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for employees and dogs?

A: Implementing guidelines such as vaccination requirements, leash policies, designated dog-friendly areas, and clear communication can help create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved.

Q: How can we address potential concerns from employees with allergies or fear of dogs?

A: Establishing open communication channels to address these concerns is essential. Consider designated dog-free areas, implementing air filtration systems, or allowing employees to work remotely on specific days.

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